Holidays in New Mexico

No matter where you are, the holiday season is a special time of year, but in New Mexico, you’ll find that our own twist on the holidays is unlike anywhere else. The rich and vibrant traditions and heritage of New Mexicans are reflected in our art, our architecture, our food, and our celebrations, and our holidays are no different.

We know things will be different this holiday season, but just because we’re celebrating from home this year doesn’t mean we have to skip all of our favorite traditions. Do your holiday shopping online from our small businesses, order your favorite holiday meals from local restaurants or get adventurous and try a few new recipes on your own (it might just turn out well enough to serve at next year’s holiday dinner!), or even take a virtual stroll through your favorite holiday light displays—however you plan to celebrate the holidays from home this year, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy our favorite New Mexican traditions for a creative, unique holiday season.