We Are Proud New Mexicans.

For centuries we have made our living from the land, herding cattle, growing pecans and creating magnificent pieces of pottery and jewelry. It hasn’t been easy but we continue to beat the odds, practicing the traditional while also evolving our art, culture and cuisine and infusing it into everything we do. We value our ranching and farming neighbors, our artists and artisans, and sustain their livelihoods by buying authentic products. Each of our New Mexico True Certified partners has a unique story to share. Learn more about their families and their roots, why they do what they do and how their products maintain the integrity of our state. Support New Mexicans. Buy authentic. Buy local. Buy New Mexico True Certified.

Taos Mesa Brewing

Taos Mesa Brewery

A unique New Mexico Brewery out on the Mesa. A fantastic place to stop for food and drink

Taos Mesa Brewing embodies the varied and dynamic people and landscape that surround it. Its founders credit the vivid and diverse cultural and panoramic bounty surrounding Taos with its inception and mission. Whether identifying with the rich history of the Taos Pueblo, the iconoclastic Taos Society of Artists, or the “free spirit” of Easy Rider, the brewery’s inspiration and growth blossom from a creative continuum rooted in the area’s psyche for more than 1,000 years.

Since opening its doors in 2012, Taos Mesa Brewing has flourished and now operates two retail locations employing over 70 people. “The Mothership” on the El Prado mesa features a premium concert venue, restaurant with stunning mountain views, uninterrupted sunsets and stargazing, along with state-of-the-art brewing facilities. The Mothership hosts internationally renowned touring acts, features local artists, and functions as a community hub.

Highlights in the brewery’s short history include hosting the declaration of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, attended by dignitaries and commemorated with a specially brewed a beer shared at the event and sent to President Obama. In 2015, the team embarked on a barley growing project, crafting its first completely local-ingredient beer coined NM Common.

Craft brewing lies at the heart of everything Taos Mesa does. Whether blending new flavors, designing menu items or previewing music, artisan products provide the inspiration. Borrowing from craft brewing’s collaborative ethos, the team works closely with the local community and broader region to shine a positive light on New Mexico, brewing up a unique Taos experience in every pint. 

For visitors to Taos and Taos Ski Valley, the short drive to TMB’s Mothership is well worth it. Drop your gaze 600 feet into the Rio Grande Gorge and visit the nearby Greater World Earthship Community. In town, look for Taos Mesa Brewing’s Tap Room nestled in the heart of historic downtown. This satellite location features fresh brews and artisan cuisine including wood-fired pizza. In both locations, Taos Mesa Brewing welcomes new friends and imparts an understanding of the authentic Taos, New Mexico vibe. 

Spotted Dog Brewery

Spotted Dog Brewery

For husband and wife team Jerry and Susan Grandle, what started as a hobby has since transformed into a popular, well-respected brewery in Mesilla, New Mexico. Jerry was more than just your average home brewer. Merging his love of beer with his other favorite pastime, early American history, he malted and milled his own grains, and re-created beer based on profiles from centuries ago. Spotted Dog counts itself a pub (short for public house), carrying on the tradition of comfortable gathering place and easy-going venue in which to meet people, make new friends, enjoy a craft beer and good food.

Named for Ryeleigh, the family’s bluetick hound, Spotted Dog opened the Mesilla Valley’s first microbrewery in 14 parched years. Since then, five more Mew Mexican breweries and taprooms have come on the scene. The Grandle’s welcome their fellow brewers, graciously noting that each brings a unique flavor to the table. They continue to focus on making the best unfiltered styles, offer seasonal varietals, and rotating taps. They find creative ways to collaborate with the ever-growing community of New Mexico brewers.

Supported by the Town of Mesilla, its loyal residents, nearby Las Crucens, and NM State University students, what started with a small bar and few tables adjacent to a gas station has since expanded to include a deck with the view of the iconic Organ Mountains. Jerry and Susan credit the community for their success and give back by supporting local charitable causes. Visit Spotted Dog Brewery to meet Ryeleigh, taste one of Jerry’s historic re-creations, or just relax with friends as the sun casts its light upon the towering Organ Needle.

Drylands Brewing Company

Drylands Brewing Company

Drylands Brewing Company, open since July 2017, pioneered the craft brewery scene in this corner of southeast New Mexico. Co-owners Daniel Torres and Andres Arreola, friends and business partners, lovers of beer, music, and entertainment, embarked on a journey to bring a new experience and flavor to their hometown of Lovington, New Mexico. Lying at the center of the Permian Basin on the New Mexico-Texas border and intertwined with decades of an oil and gas “boom & bust” economy, these local “boys” embody the resilient character of previous self-sustaining generations. Committed to making Lovington – and soon nearby Hobbs too – a great place to experience community, cuisine and, compadres, Dan and Andres invite everyone to stop into Drylands Brewing Company, wet their whistle, and become longtime friends.