We Are Proud New Mexicans.

For centuries we have made our living from the land, herding cattle, growing pecans and creating magnificent pieces of pottery and jewelry. It hasn’t been easy but we continue to beat the odds, practicing the traditional while also evolving our art, culture and cuisine and infusing it into everything we do. We value our ranching and farming neighbors, our artists and artisans, and sustain their livelihoods by buying authentic products. Each of our New Mexico True Certified partners has a unique story to share. Learn more about their families and their roots, why they do what they do and how their products maintain the integrity of our state. Support New Mexicans. Buy authentic. Buy local. Buy New Mexico True Certified.

505 Southwestern

505 Southwestern® is a New Mexican as it gets…starting with the brand name itself (505 being Albuquerque’s area code).  But 505’s commitment to New Mexico goes way beyond the numbers on its label.  Every jar of its unique salsas, sauces, and condiments captures the flavor and quality of New Mexican-grown green chiles, including those from the famous Hatch Valley region in the southern part of the state.  Maybe 505 could save a few bucks by buying imported chile but luckily for us they don’t. They use premium New Mexico-grown chiles with their incredible flavor, texture, consistency, and the quality that comes from hand picking and flame roasting. Not surprisingly, 505’s customers share our view of what’s important and what makes great products, making 505 Southwestern® the fastest growing national Southwestern brand in America. 505 is proud to be giving the whole country an authentic taste of New Mexico.

505 Southwestern

Clear Light Cedar Company

The story of Clear Light is one of Hollywood celebrity, Native America, family and fulfillment. Josh Peine enjoyed a successful acting career. When he grew tired of Tinseltown, he mounted his Harley and took to the open road. Eventually Peine landed in the small town of Placitas. His awe of nature and the great outdoors led him to fall in love with the Land of Enchantment, where he would establish Clear Light in 1971. 

A charismatic man with a knack for making friends, Josh forged relationships with members of the Navajo and Hopi tribes. From Native friends, he learned about the southwest cedar and its healing properties. From humble beginnings when Josh gathered cedar needles for friends, Clear Light has grown into a line of full-bodied hand cream, shampoo, candles and soaps sold in national chains like Orvis. Click here to learn more about Clear Light, the Cedar Company’s history, forest-scented products, and the current owners, Adam Ciepiela and Keith Allen West.

Clear light

New Mexico Piñon Coffee 

New Mexico Piñon Coffee began caffeinating the University of New Mexico community in the early 1990s when the company’s founder opened a small coffee shop near the UNM campus. Originally roasted in a small 25lb capacity antique roaster in the back of an old Chevy pick-up truck, today it takes two 75lb roasters to keep up with the demand, over 1 million pounds per year since 2015.

When New Mexico Piñon Coffee added the unique taste of piñon to their brew, it was an instant success. Founded on the belief that coffee drinkers should enjoy the authentic taste of New Mexico every morning, its roasters created a signature blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and custom piñon flavoring, delivering a smooth, less bitter, and slightly nutty brew.

The company aims to inspire and educate its community. Fans can learn more in Coffee 101 classes at the warehouse and at the Piñon Coffee House, people can savor more traditional flavors of New Mexico like the Biscochito Latte. The Piñon Coffee family takes pride in its quality products so everyone can wake up to the enchanting taste of New Mexico.

NMTC Partner Spotlight_NM Piñon Coffee