We Are Proud New Mexicans.

For centuries we have made our living from the land, herding cattle, growing pecans and creating magnificent pieces of pottery and jewelry. It hasn’t been easy but we continue to beat the odds, practicing the traditional while also evolving our art, culture and cuisine and infusing it into everything we do. We value our ranching and farming neighbors, our artists and artisans, and sustain their livelihoods by buying authentic products. Each of our New Mexico True Certified partners has a unique story to share. Learn more about their families and their roots, why they do what they do and how their products maintain the integrity of our state. Support New Mexicans. Buy authentic. Buy local. Buy New Mexico True Certified.

Gallup Coffee Company

Gallup Coffee Company

Justin Benson grew up on the East Coast, in Virginia and North Carolina, where coffee shops are an inextricable part of urban social life. Each neighborhood has its own and people use it as a hub: a place to meet friends, study, enjoy a bite to eat or just relax. When he and Tiffany first moved to Gallup, there was no coffee shop and they found themselves at a loss, continually asking, “Where do we go if we get a free hour in the afternoon? Where do we meet people? How do we find out about local events? Who do you ask, if not your barista, about the best places to eat in town?”

Since both knew how important coffee culture was to them and how it can build community, they set out to share something they both loved by creating a place that would function as that social hub.The type of people who go “all in,” Justin and Tiffany didn't just open a coffee shop. They built the coffee bar by hand, roast all their own beans, make pastry from scratch every day, and even make their own syrup flavorings!

The coffee duo incorporates local flare into everything they do. Special programming includes monthly art openings showcasing local artists. “We don't charge the artists to be in the show, and we don't take commission from their sales. We love that we can offer our walls as a place for people to proudly display who they are and what they create.” Local photographer Bill Seibersma curates the show, donating his time and supplies, hanging each show on the 2nd Friday of each month. One piece of art is permanent, the trash can painted by local artist Ric Sarracino that depicts coffee cherries being harvested.  

The next time you're in Gallup, swing by for a cup of freshly roasted coffee and conversation. Check out the local art and enjoy being a part of Gallup Coffee Company’s special community.

Hanselmann Pottery

Hanselmann Pottery

Hanselmann Pottery

Hanselmann Pottery was founded in 1970 in the village of Corrales. Its team of eight designers, potters, and fire specialists are committed to creating art in the medium of handmade, functional stoneware. Each piece begins as a ball of clay that is turned by hand on a wheel and ends as a piece of durable, functional stoneware. Design choices are informed by the history of the craft, and the innovative minds of present-day chefs, brewers, roasters, and customers.

There are many methods for manufacturing ceramics these days, yet many methods and materials have changed little over the centuries. Hanselmann Pottery connects a legacy of craftsmanship, tradition, design and an awareness of what it means to be a potter in America in the 21st century. Pieces are “thrown” on a wheel, still the most dynamic, spontaneous and creative way to capture the form, an art that requires a developed sense of space, form and scale and takes several years of intense practice to become proficient. Work is fired twice, loaded by rolling rack into a very large kiln. The first fires from delicate greenware to a bisque of about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Pieces are then waxed and glazed before they’re fired to cone 10 at 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. Hanselmann’s palette of glazes have been collected and tested for years, and their team of dedicated professionals continue to test and innovate, creating fresh yet lasting looks for their collections.

Lori Faye Bock

LFB Cat and Bird

A Detroit transplant via Los Angeles and Santa Fe, Lori Faye Bock resides in the tiny agricultural hamlet of Los Silvestres, just north of Abiquiú along the Chama River. She has lived and worked alongside a bevy of sheep, cats, dogs and a multitude of wildlife, finding three decades of inspiration.

Lori Faye is a nationally acclaimed artist who has partnered with national organizations, scores of humane societies, animal shelters and rescue groups to promote educational campaigns for the humane and kind treatment of animals. In addition, she has been commissioned to create paintings for numerous children’s hospitals, clinics and governmental agencies. 

Her painting technique is complex with variegated textures and intricate details upon layered surfaces of gesso and venetian plaster with acrylic paints on cradled Baltic birch. Lori Faye’s whimsical and colorful paintings of companion pets, farm animals, birds and owls range from fanciful and delicate to ordinary and robust. All are beautiful representations of our natural world.

The artist says, “Knowing animals and caring for them is one of life’s joys. Even the most ordinary-seeming animals are truly extraordinary and give us so much. My reward comes when the joy I feel in portraying subjects is communicated to those who experience my paintings.”

Lori Faye’s paintings have been a mainstay in galleries on historic Canyon Road in Santa Fe and Taos since 1997. She will be exhibiting a new body of work at Copper Moon Gallery in Taos during the months of July & August. The opening reception will be on Saturday, July 6th 5 to 7 pm. Replicas of her creations are available as limited edition prints and through her extensive line of greeting cards.

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