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The Zia Pueblo is situated on a rocky knoll, where it blends into the landscape like a natural feature of the terrain. For 600 plus years it has weathered the worst that man and nature could inflict upon it—and it has survived.

Zia Pueblo

Although the Pueblo itself is inconspicuous, its Sun symbol is familiar to all New Mexicans, for it is the official New Mexico State insignia appearing on the state flag and adopted by the New Mexico Legislature in its salute, “I salute the flag of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures."

Zia Pueblo suffered disastrous losses in the Pueblo Revolt.  600 people were killed and additional conflicts lasting for years reduced the population further. 

They are a small community of agriculture workers and livestock raisers, but they have a strong sense of identity and have produced beautiful traditional works of art.

Prominent among Zia crafts is pottery, unpolished redware with white slip, with decorations in brown or black are produced often with a bird motif.  The Zia tradition is faithfully adhered to; innovation is avoided.  Some Zia painters have achieved recognition for their watercolors. 

Zia Pueblo

The traditional language of the Zia Pueblo is Keresan, but many may speak Spanish, some speak Navajo and most also speak English. 

The principal festival of the year for the Zia Pueblo is the Corn Dance on the feast day of Our Lady of the Assumption in August.

Wonderful traditional costumes and ceremonies make this an important event in the life of the Pueblo and one which is very attractive to visitors.

Population: 646
Language: Keresan
Location: North-Central
Unique Attractions: Annual Feast Day Corn Dances, Tribal Museum, Zia Lake, Zia Cultural Center
Nearby Locations: Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Cabezón, Corrales, Jemez Pueblo, Jemez Springs, Rio Rancho, Santa Ana Pueblo, Santa Ana Star Casino

Zia Pueblo, located 17 miles (27 km.) northwest of Bernalillo and eight miles northwest of Santa Ana Pueblo on U.S. 550, is open during daylight hours only.

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