Santo Domingo Pueblo, also known as Kewa Pueblo:

is located near the ancient Cerrillos turquoise mines and its people have an entrenched history of making fine jewelry and heishi out of the colorful stones.

Kewa Pueblo formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo
134 Tesuque St., Kewa Pueblo, NM 87052

(505) 465-2214

Due to COVID-19, many Native American communities remain closed to visitors. Please call ahead before visiting any community for specific information regarding their COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

Visit THIS PAGE for more information regarding travel advisories.

The Kewa people are historically great traders of their crafts, very much like their Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon ancestors.

Santo Domingo PuebloThis Keresan pueblo hosts an internationally known ceremonial dance on August 4 honoring the pueblo’s patron saint, St. Dominic. While visitors are welcome to the pueblo, the Kewa people are adamant about preserving their traditional way of life.

A cultural center and small museum provide opportunities for visitors to learn more about the pueblo, which is home to more than 3,100 people. While there is no admission fee, donations are appreciated.

Santo Domingo NecklaceMany roadside stands with jewelry, pottery and silverwork for sale can be found during a visit to this pueblo. Look for these special items and others during the Santo Domingo Arts and Crafts Market held each Labor Day weekend with more than 350 Santo Domingo and other Native artists. Enjoy traditional dances and sample great food which are all part of the festivities. The pueblo also has a small museum and a gas station off of the Santo Domingo exit on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

The pueblo is located 25 miles south of Santa Fe, off I-25 at the Santo Domingo exit.

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