Native communities, sites and events held on Tribal lands are open to the public at the Tribal communities' discretion.
Schedules may change suddenly, always call ahead before planning your visit.

Over the past eight years Tribal members have restored by hand the 200-year-old adobe church, San Lorenzo de Picurís, located in the center of the Pueblo.

The Pueblo's annual San Lorenzo Feast Day on August 10 includes Indian dances, pole climbing and a morning footrace. The High Country Tri-Cultural Arts & Crafts Fair is usually held on the first weekend in June but call to verify. The fair features pottery, painting, beadwork, jewelry, weavings and more.

The Picurís Pueblo Museum displays and sells beadwork, weaving and pottery crafted by local artists. Picurís is also the majority owner of the Hotel Santa Fe located in the capital's historic downtown area.

Trout fishing is available at the pueblo at the Pu-na Lake; call the Picurís Pueblo Smoke Shop. Self-guided tours to excavated structures are available, as are camera permits.


The Pueblo is located 24 miles southeast of Taos via NM 68, 518, and 75.