Native communities, sites and events held on Tribal lands are open to the public at the Tribal communities' discretion.
Schedules may change suddenly, always call ahead before planning your visit.

The name Tesuque is a Spanish variation of the Tewa name, Te Tesugeh Oweengeh, meaning the “village of the narrow place of the cottonwood trees.” It is one of the state’s smallest Pueblos, with a population of about 800, but the Pueblo encompasses more than 17,000 acres, including Aspen Ranch and the Vigil Land Grant high in the Santa Fe National Forest near the Santa Fe ski area.

There are many fine artists at Tesuque who create pottery, paintings and sculpture. Silverwork and traditional clothing are also made at the Pueblo.

Tesuque Pueblo operates Tesuque Casino and The Santa Fe Suites, 3007 S. St. Francis Dr. in Santa Fe.

Tesuque Pueblo is located about 10 miles (16 km.) north of Santa Fe off U.S. 84-285. Entrances to the pueblo lie near Camel Rock, a natural sandstone formation that wind and rain have eroded into the shape of a camel. 

The Pueblo is closed to the public on certain days of the year so call ahead before visiting. Photography is not allowed.

The Pueblo is located 10 miles north of Santa Fe on US 84/285.