Science & Technology in New Mexico

Fascinated by science, technology and the history and lore that surrounds it all in New Mexico? The Land of Enchantment, long known as the birthplace of the atomic bomb, has had everything from giant balloons to UFOs (if you're a believer) and continues to change the future through energy and nanotechnology. We have it all, from our rich history in the development and promotion of Science & Technology to 60-foot radio astronomy dishes that search for life in the universe. We're home to the site where Thomas Edison attempted a process to extract gold and a full re-creation of Robert Goddard's workshop. Visit world-class museums and all our sites. New Mexico is THE place for scientific exploration.

Learn More About New Mexico's Science and Technology Culture

Bradbury Science Museum

Anderson-Abruzzo Balloon Museum

Museum of Nuclear Science

Museum of Nuclear Science

Very Large Array

Spaceport America ​

Cosmic Campground

Trinity Site ​

Los Alamos Historic District

Museum of Natural History & Science

Museum of Natural History & Science