Juan de Oñate established the first Spanish capital city in New Mexico near Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (formerly San Juan Pueblo) in 1598.

Traditionally, San Juan (O'ke in Tewa) was the center of an Indian meeting ground, its people so powerful that only an O'ke native could declare war for the Pueblo Indians. Although called a Taoseño, Pueblo Revolt leader Popé actually was a San Juan native.

Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo 
P.O. Box 1099 Ohkay Owingeh, NM 87566


(505) 852-4400
Fax: (505) 852-4820

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Ohkay Owingeh is one of the largest Tewa-speaking pueblos with a population of about 6,748. Today, the pueblo is the headquarters of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council and home to the Oke-Oweenge Crafts Cooperative, (505) 852-2372, which exhibits the art of the eight northern pueblos. The main art focus of this Tewa village is redware pottery, weaving, and painting.

Fishing by permit is available year-round at San Juan Lakes, where many cash fishing tournaments are held, (505) 852-4211. There's a fee for taking photos or videos and for sketching. Visit Aquino's Indian Arts and Crafts for samples of woodcarvings and paintings, enjoy a buffet and a round of roulette at the OhKay Casino, (877) 747-1668.


Population: 6,748
Language: Tewa
Location: North-Central
Unique Attractions: Annual Feast Days Dances: Transfer of “Canes of Authority”, Cloud or Basket Dance, Deer Dance, Selected Dances, Saint Anthony’s Feast Day/Corn Dance, Annual Feast Day/Buffalo and Comanche Dances, Harvest Dance, Matachina Dance, Turtle Dance, Ohkay Casino, Oke Oweenge Crafts

Nearby Locations: Alcalde, Chimayó, Española, Hernandez, Velarde

Fee for taking photos or videos and for sketching. 

San Juan lies 25 miles (40 km.) north of Santa Fe on U.S. 84/285 and five miles north of Española off N.M. 68.