Reach more than 1,000,000 of your prime prospects through 500,000 printed copies and thousands of digital downloads. The Guide will be available on newsstands at over 600 nationwide Barnes & Noble stores for three months. (Additional retail newsstands may be added.) Guides with a winter cover will be distributed in the fall and winter. A three-season, temperate-weather cover is distributed the rest of the year.

  • Requests Welcome: Approximately 75,000 Guides are sent to travelers who call or click to order a free Guide to plan a trip.
  • The 2018 New Mexico True Adventure Guide will be distributed to over 100 hotels and resorts across the state year-round, with copies provided for over 14,000 rooms.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Guides will be distributed at New Mexico Visitor Information Centers, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, as well as selected events and trade shows.
  • The Guide is offered for free as an App for iPad and iPhone users. The Guide is also published in digital format for use on Android and Kindle through GooglePlay and direct downloads from our websites.

Read more about the New Mexico True Adventure Guide here.