Cooperative Marketing Testimonials

Here's what a couple of our partners have to say about working with us:

On behalf of the Grant County Commissioners and Grant County Lodgers Tax Advisory Board, we greatly appreciate the Department of Tourism’s Cooperative Marketing Grant Program. Because of this program, we are able to utilize marketing materials that we would otherwise not be able to afford. In particular, the articles written through the Roots Rated program and distributed via Facebook are fantastic pieces that we will be able to promote and use in other places for quite a while. As an all-volunteer group (the Lodgers Tax Board), the value this program adds to our other marketing efforts is immeasurable.
                                                                                                                                                  Becky O’Connor
                                                                                                 Chair, Grant County Lodgers Tax Advisory Board
                                                                                                                    Owner, Casitas de Gila Guesthouses

New Mexico CoOp Grant funding has been an essential partner in helping develop the craft beer and wine market for local producers. We have leveraged their matching funds to help propel our brands into the consumers’ hands, literally, with specialty glassware that has shelf life in consumers’ homes. We have thousands of glasses reminding people to drink local and support New Mexico True Certified brands. We have also been able to take our message outside the state, something we have never had the funding or knowledge to do prior to CoOp. NM Tourism Department is certainly one of our top marketing partners.
                                                                                                                                                         −Chris Goblet
                                                                                                                   Executive Director, New Mexico Wine
                                                                                                     (former Executive Director, NM Brewers Guild)

Thank YOU! We appreciate all our partners and everything you do to further the economic impact of tourism in New Mexico!

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