Apply to be New Mexico True Certified

The New Mexico True Certified program brings national attention to the quality, care and craftsmanship behind products that are uniquely New Mexican, while providing opportunities for businesses of all sizes to integrate the New Mexico True Certified Logo on packaging, fulfillment, and marketing materials. 

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To qualify your product(s) for the New Mexico True Certified program:

  • Click HERE to view eligibility requirements and ensure your business and its product(s) meet the minimum criteria.

Plan to have the following information available prior to starting your application:

  • The specific products for which your company is seeking New Mexico True certification.
  • Initial thoughts on how you would use the New Mexico True Certified Logo if approved (e.g., packaging, website, marketing materials, merchandising, point-of-sale, signage, press release or other public relations outreach/materials, trade show display, storefront, etc.). Refer to the Resources page for examples and mockups. The Certified Logo is not available for use prior to having a licensing agreement in place. All use of the Certified Logo must be approved in advance.
  • If you are applying for “100% Made in New Mexico” certification: Photos or other evidence/documentation (such as lease or contract manufacturer agreement) of New Mexico-based facilities for the production of your product(s). Acceptable formats for upload include .jpg, .png, and .pdf.
  • If you are applying for “100% Grown in New Mexico” certification: Attach source-verified third-party documentation from an entity like NMDA.

The New Mexico Tourism Department will review completed applications and supporting evidence. A representative will be in touch shortly thereafter. 

Questions: e-mail

The New Mexico Tourism Department reserves the right to deny participation in the New Mexico True Certified Program for any reason including non-compliance with any local, state or federal laws. 


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