Cooperative Marketing (Co-Op)

In support of the Tourism Department’s mission to make New Mexico the primary destination for venturesome travelers, the Cooperative Marketing Grant Program (Co-Op) offers an avenue for tourism related, non-profit organizations, local and tribal governments to attract visitors to their destinations and events through advertising. The Co-Op program allows you to leverage the successful New Mexico True brand, building on millions of cumulative brand impressions to draw visitors to your destination.

FY18 Cooperative Marketing Grant Program

Flex Application Cycle Now Open

As you know, the New Mexico Tourism Department is committed to continuing its Cooperative Marketing program. We appreciate your ongoing interest and participation thus far. This successful, long-running, mutually beneficial program made big leaps in fiscal year 2017 and is continuing to break ground as we move into FY18. 

In this next phase, local and tribal governments and NM IRS non-profit entities that had a representative attend the May 18 webinar and submitted an Intent to Apply by May 23, 2017 are invited to apply for “Flex” funds. Participants of the Media Menu Plan (MMP) program may also apply for Flex funds. As in past years, partners awarded flex funds will be responsible for fully executing campaign media and projects as outlined in their agreement. Here’s what you need to know.

Get Informed: Program Parameters

  • Review our list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Understand eligible and ineligible expenses
  • Negotiate media, deliverables and pricing
  • Develop creative and gain pre-approval using the Ad Builder Tool Kit at
  • Pay 100% of the costs up-front
  • Obtain proof of placement from media vendors
  • Submit timely requests for reimbursement with documentation
  • Complete an end-of-year Tracking and Impact Report (TIR) by July 5, 2018

Get Prepared: Application Development

  • Tell us about your campaign
  • Know how you will integrate New Mexico True brand and “adventure steeped in culture”
  • Clearly identify your target market
  • Identify your call to action
  • Explain the tools and tactics you plan to use
  • Detail your estimated investment
  • Define and measure success
  • Name your partners and their anticipated contributions
  • Share what about this plan goes beyond the ordinary and becomes achievable with CoOp funds

Get Ready: Application Submission

  • Grant cycle is now open. Click HERE to apply.
  • Deadline to submit completed applications is 5:00PM (MT) Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Thank you for your patience as we completed the MMP phase of this funding cycle. We appreciate your partnership and all you do to further the economic impact of tourism in New Mexico. We look forward to another successful year!

Administrative, Programmatic and Technical Support: 

For questions regarding the grant application process (such as eligibility requirements) or technical support necessary for the function of the online system (such as account creation, password assistance, form access and document upload) contact program manager Andrea Lawrence at 505-795-0108 or

For questions regarding the Flex reimbursement or reporting process, contact financial specialist Brandy Velarde at 505-500-7890 or

We look forward to working with our partners on another successful year!


Andrea M. Lawrence, CTP, CTIS
Brand Development & Marketing Specialist
505-795-0108 |