Cooperative Marketing (Co-Op)

In support of the Tourism Department’s mission to make New Mexico the primary destination for venturesome travelers, the Cooperative Marketing Grant Program (Co-Op) offers an avenue for tourism related, non-profit organizations, local and tribal governments to attract visitors to their destinations and events through advertising. The Co-Op program allows you to leverage the successful New Mexico True brand, building on millions of cumulative brand impressions to draw visitors to your destination.

Cooperative Marketing Grant Program

 As you know, the New Mexico Tourism Department is committed to its Cooperative Marketing program. This successful, long-running, mutually beneficial program made big leaps in the past two fiscal years and will continue to break ground as we move into FY19. When the next cycle opens, anticipate seeing a return of both the Media Menu and Flex plans with improvements based on the current cycle.

If you missed the FY18 application window and are interested in leveraging the NM Tourism Department’s media relationships, click HERE to request more information about our new Preferred Rate Program. As with all our cooperative efforts, creative must meet brand guidelines and be approved in advance. Click HERE to access our Asset Site including Ad Builder Guidebook, tools and resources to develop beautiful advertising, and the Ad Content Execution (ACE) Form.

While the grant cycle is currently closed, prospective partners can review a wealth of information that will prepare you for when the application process opens again in 2018. Click HERE to view all the Cooperative Marketing Resources including eligibility criteria, FAQs, webinars and more.

We appreciate your partnership and all you do to further the economic impact of tourism in New Mexico. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Administrative, Programmatic and Technical Support: 

For programmatic or technical support, contact program manager Andrea Lawrence at 505-795-0108 or

For questions regarding the Flex reimbursement or reporting process, contact financial specialist Brandy Velarde at 505-500-7890 or

We look forward to working with our partners on another successful year!


Andrea M. Lawrence, CTP, CTIS
Brand Development & Marketing Specialist
505-795-0108 |