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These days, travelers crave unique experiences. The "live like a local” trend, inspiring us to choose lodging, dining and shopping options off-the-beaten-path is, in part, fueled by our desire to connect with community. In an effort to satisfy this craving, we seek authentic experiences with interesting people. Luckily, the Land of Enchantment is full of creative folks, many of whom are New Mexico True Certified. You understand how culture and cuisine collide, you're making everything from biscochitos and beer to jewelry and pottery. Our network of growers and makers is well positioned to capitalize on these trends, introducing more people to our unique products.

We invite our partners to submit immersive activities that we can pin to our Tales, Tours & Tastings map of visitor experiences. We all love to peek behind the curtain so go ahead, pull it back and show your stuff! Even if the back room is a mess, even if your processing plant smells funny, even if people have to put on safety goggles and hair nets – show it all. Let them hear about your challenges; share an embarrassing story from the early days. I promise, they’ll love it, especially if you send them off with a memento of their visit, be it a tasty treat, a lock of alpaca hair or simple sticker. Better yet, end your tour or activity in your gift shop – after all, shopping is the #1 activity people do on vacation!

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