Destination Forward Grant Program


FY25 Applications closed April 10, 2024 at 5pm (MDT)


The purpose of the Destination Forward Grant Program is to support the development and implementation of tourism infrastructure projects throughout New Mexico. The Destination Forward Grant (DFG) is a competitive grant that supports the long-term destination development and rejuvenation of community-based, sustainable tourism infrastructure projects across New Mexico. The DFG helps to empower New Mexican communities to become viable, welcoming, and high-quality destinations, as well as to enhance existing destinations, for tourism. 


Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Local governments including Special Districts and Political Subdivisions 
  • Tribal governments
  • Municipalities

Private applicants are generally not eligible unless proof of the project’s public benefit is demonstrated and the applicant partners with a public fiscal agent.


Project Goals and Objectives: 

  • Increase visitation
  • Improve or enhance the visitor and resident experience
  • Spur economic growth and capacity opportunities for residents
  • Increase national and global recognition of New Mexico as a sustainable tourism destination 
  • Increase positive impacts on the local environment while decreasing negative impacts 

What Types of Projects are Considered?

  • Development of outdoor recreation infrastructure 
  • Recreational improvements
  • Signage and wayfinding that align with community branding and marketing 
  • Tourism related parking and transportation 
  • Tourism attraction facilities 
  • Dark skies viewing area
  • Re-development of historic assets
  • Rehabilitation, maintenance, and conservation of cultural sites/indigenous sites/archeological sites  
  • Bike, pedestrian, and equestrian transportation and other related developments
  • Camping and RV related accommodations
  • Beautification and conservation for tourism purposes 
  • Fairgrounds, convention center/facilities, performance venues, and other event spaces 
  • Public art on tourism infrastructure
  • Agritourism farms, food trails or other related facilities 
  • Innovative redevelopments leveraging technology to showcase authentic New Mexican culture and nature if applicable 
  • Visitor information centers and their improvements

For a complete list refer to the FY25 Destination Forward Grant Guidelines