Program Overview

New Mexico True Certified Program Overview

This FREE program is open to licensed New Mexico businesses whose products fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • 100% Made in New Mexico – For products made or manufactured in New Mexico*. This does not require that every ingredient or component (such as packaging materials) used to produce the end product is sourced in New Mexico. Examples of potentially qualifying products for this Certified Logo include packaged consumer goods such as jewelry, soap, salsa and craft beverage.

  • 100% Grown in New Mexico – For plants or non-meat agricultural products. Plants or other agriculture products must be lotted and carry marks and/or identification that can be traceable to farm of harvest and verified by a third party, certifying organization. Examples of potentially qualifying products for this Certified Logo include herbs, fruits and vegetables.

What you need to know about the New Mexico True Certified program:

  • It is ONLY available to New Mexico companies growing or manufacturing tangible artisan products of interest to the traveling public. 

  • All products must be 100% made or grown in New Mexico*.

  • All products are of the highest quality, e.g. food products manufactured with a commitment to “restaurant-quality” ingredients.

The intent of this program leads to positive repercussions for its three audiences: (1) Businesses receive support, promotion, and opportunities leading to increased revenue; (2) Traveling public obtains access to authentic New Mexico products of interest; (3) The New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD) delivers on its mission to grow New Mexico’s economy through tourism.

Sound like a good fit? Be sure to review our eligibility requirements before you apply.

*The New Mexico Tourism Department does not verify the source of products for its 100% Made In certification. While all ingredients for participation in the 100% Made In category are not required to be sourced from New Mexico, all products containing chile are subject to the requirements of the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act (NMSA 1978, §§21-11-1 to -5, as amended). The requirements of the Act may be met by complying with NMDA rules, and/or certification by the New Mexico Chile Association through its New Mexico Certified Chile® program, or other valid source verification entity. The New Mexico Tourism Department reserves the right to deny participation in the New Mexico True Certified Program for any reason including non-compliance with the Act.