New Mexico True Certified (NMTC)

The New Mexico Tourism Department is proud to offer and steward the New Mexico True Certified program, an initiative that allows select New Mexico businesses to leverage the magnetic and powerful New Mexico True brand to build their products' recognition and amplify existing marketing messages. The New Mexico True Certified program brings national attention to the quality, care and craftsmanship behind products that are authentically New Mexican, while providing opportunities for businesses of all sizes to integrate the New Mexico True Certified Logo at point-of-sale and on packaging, fulfillment, and marketing materials.


Become NM Safe Certified!

This program trains New Mexico businesses in COVID-Safe Practices to help ensure all of us - from owners and managers to employees and customers - remain safe as New Mexico restarts its economy.


Rejuvenate Online Catalog 2021

We're keeping the momentum going! Our next online catalog will feature NM True Certified products that support holistic wellbeing. We're accepting submissions through Sunday, January 24 for one of your best selling, wellness-themed products.


Call for Pandemic Products

Since the onset of coronavirus last March, we’ve seen a number of New Mexico True Certified Partners pivot to aid the cause. There are masks and mask clasps, hand sanitizer, and of course, soap. We applaud and want to support your efforts! Submit your NM True Certified “pandemic products” to our Life Savers page today.