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The New Mexico Tourism Department remains laser-focused and has never been more committed to its mission to grow New Mexico’s economy through tourism. Watch our video to see what our partners can expect from this year's "CoOp" program.

    Here's what our partners need to know about the FY22 Cooperative Marketing & Advertising Program.

    What's New

    • Unprecedented funding levels to recoup unprecedented losses
    • Media strategy designed to meet your stated priorities 
    • Opportunity to apply locally allocated federal relief funds for greater impact 

    What's Not 

    • Strong media buying power through shared investment
    • Equity of New Mexico True brand power
    • Dedicated support from strategy to implementation
    • Rigorous performance reporting

    What's Next

    • The Tourism Department is scheduled to make award announcements the week of June 14, 2021.
    • Awarded partners will receive customized agreements including the Smart Select plan and Award Summaries that same week.
    • Awarded partners will electronically sign and submit the agreement by July 9, 2021.
    • Payment of 50% of Media Menu Plan initiatives needs to be received by the Tourism Department no later than August 1, 2021.


    For general program information, expand any section below to learn more.

  • Introduction 

    Since 2011, we have defined our target market as those with an adventurous spirit and thirst for authenticity and seen consecutive year-over-year growth, proving that what New Mexico offers meets the needs of these thought leaders, early adopters, information seekers, and travelers who gravitate toward authentic experiences. 

    Team True is grateful to the many partners who share our vision, support our mission, align with our brand, and contribute to our collective success. Among many other things, four foundational components are part of our success: (1) building a magnetic brand, (2) inspiring pride of place, (3) unifying and serving the industry, and (4) requiring rigor. Everything we think about and do adheres to one of these strategic planks.

    Through the Cooperative Marketing and Advertising Program (CoOp), one of the Department’s longest running and most popular, we partner with eligible entities (tourism-related non-profit organizations, local and tribal governments, e.g. counties and municipalities) who believe in our mission, align with our philosophies, and strive to improve the quality of life in their communities. We especially appreciate all who share our exacting standards for integrity, inclusivity, quality, and accountability.

    At the Tourism Department, we adhere to focused advertising that capitalizes on our competitive advantage and encourage our partners to do the same (advertising your destination, attractions, and events more than 60 miles away). These advantages include cultural heritage, arts, culinary, and outdoor adventure. We use these “Experience Pillars” to dispel misperceptions about our state. In addition, they set us apart from our competition and reinforce our brand promise to deliver adventure steeped in culture. Part of CoOp advertising is telling the unique story of your people and places in this context.

  • Recent Accomplishments

    In fiscal year 2020 of the CoOp Program, 33 awarded entities received $600,000 in matching funds to showcase destinations, attractions, and events. Co-branded advertising with total media value of $1.25 million stretched from Texas to Arizona and north to Colorado. Engaging, “sight-doing” content and vivid imagery showed people New Mexico has a lot to offer.

    Recent years’ grant partners and marketing efforts have included:

    • Artesia Chamber of Commerce – history in bronze and downtown walking tour
    • Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau – outdoor recreation
    • Doña Ana Arts Council – Renaissance Arts Faire
    • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center – Native history, arts, and culture
    • Edgewood Chamber of Commerce – Cowboy Days, Route 66
    • Town of Mesilla – Plaza, dining and craft beverages
    • Southwest NM Art, Culture & Tourism – Town of Silver City, attractions, events
    • Navajo Tourism – Outdoor recreation
    • City of Tucumcari – Route 66, video content creation and distribution
    • NM Wine & Grape Growers Association – Wine trail, festivals

    In FY21 (fiscal year spanning July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021), in response to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department introduced Recovery Readiness Initiatives. Our collaborative efforts with 44 destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and tourism industry partners around New Mexico offer a solid path toward economic comeback. Click HERE for more information about Recovery Readiness Initiatives.

  • Our Relationship

    As Department and Partner, we form a cohesive team striving to accomplish shared goals. We rely on one another to provide the following: respect, professionalism, ongoing and transparent communication, guidance and support as needed, on-time delivery of time-sensitive responses and materials.

    Our review committee carefully and thoroughly reviews each eligible, completed, timely submission. Members want to give each application the attention it deserves. Therefore, they delve into application details paying close attention to desired outcomes, rationale, target markets and associated placement selections, budget, justification, and narrative. As you know from completing the process, it takes time. We set aside 3-6 weeks for evaluation and recommendations.

    We encourage:

    • Holistic, strategic planning

    • Collaboration

    • Innovative thinking

    • Multiple funding sources

    We ask that you:

    1. Request a reasonable amount, one that complements your overall budget and additional sources of marketing dollars

    2. Take into account an historic budget of $600,000 with annual disbursement to 30-50 entities; the past three fiscal years’ average award totaled $16,382

    3. Ensure any Flex Plan requests are eligible expenses, that they’re supported with estimates, and don’t insinuate any conflict of interest

      1. The Department does not fund agency commissions/fees, printed collateral, advertising within 60 miles, FAM tours, product development, subscriptions, travel, product development, salaries or personnel costs, among other things.

      2. The above represents a partial list. Refer to the published "Eligible & Ineligible Expenses" on the Cooperative Marketing Resources page for more information.​

  • Administrative, Programmatic and Technical Support

    For administrative questions regarding the Flex reimbursement or reporting process, contact financial specialist Brandy Velarde at 505-500-7890 or
    For programmatic or technical support, contact program manager Andrea Lawrence at 505-795-0108 or

The Cooperative Marketing & Advertising Program made big leaps in the past several years. Together, we are part of a national award-winning effort. We will continue to break ground and work together on successful campaigns.

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We’re always looking for ways to improve the process, make our program, and your destinations, attractions, and events even more successful. Please share your ideas for how New Mexico True can work for you.