Cooperative Marketing Overview


The New Mexico Tourism Department remains laser-focused and has never been more committed to its mission to grow New Mexico’s economy though tourism. Through the Cooperative Marketing Program, we aim to achieve that goal alongside our industry partners through strategic co-branded, co-funded marketing initiatives. Here’s a brief overview of what partners can expect from our “CoOp” program. 

    Here's what you need to know about the FY25 Cooperative Marketing & Advertising Program

    Key Program Details

    • Partners receive a 2:1* matching dollar investments for all awarded marketing initiatives
      • *Confirmation of NMTD matching level pending outcomes of 2024 Legislative Session
    • Each applicant is delivered a customized Smart Select Marketing™ Menu of marketing initiatives to apply for that best suit their unique situation, priorities, and budget 
    • Each applicant is assigned a Partner Service Representative to support and guide you through the entire application and program process 
    • Real-time optimization of awarded digital initiatives handled for you by our skilled digital team 
    • Each marketing initiative is fueled by New Mexico True brand equity 
    • Customized performance reports with optimized digital ROI are delivered to awarded partners quarterly by Team True 

    Key Program Dates for FY25

    • MANDATORY Partner Priorities and Situation Assessment Survey opens February 1 
    • MANDATORY Partner Priorities and Situation Assessment Survey closes February 24 
    • Application opens March 5
    • Marketing Consultations available from March 7 through April 2 (Mandatory for first-time applicants, highly encouraged for returning CoOp participants) 
    • Applications due April 9 


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The Cooperative Marketing & Advertising Program made big leaps in the past several years. Together, we are part of a national award-winning effort. We will continue to break ground and work together on successful campaigns.

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We’re always looking for ways to improve the process, make our program, and your destinations, attractions, and events even more successful. Please share your ideas for how New Mexico True can work for you.