FAQ - Impact of COVID-19

Please refer to this FAQ for critical questions pertaining to COVID-19 and the impact on the New Mexico tourism industry.

Current Public Health Order & Executive Order on Out-of-State Travel

Are visitors to New Mexico required to self-quarantine?

As of Feb. 10, the state will no longer require self-quarantine for visitors or New Mexicans arriving into the state from “high-risk” states or states with a 5 percent positivity rate or greater over a 7-day rolling average, or a positive test rate greater than 80 per 1 million residents. 

Visitors from anywhere outside of the state will instead be strongly advised to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days and to seek out a COVID-19 test upon their arrival in or return to New Mexico. 

How does the state classify hotel convention space and event space for the purpose of the public health order?

According to the public health order, convention centers are defined as "any publicly or privately owned venue typically or actually used to host large audiences for the purpose of entertainment or amusement," and thus classified as "entertainment venue." So for the purposes of determining permissions for convention space and venues in hotels, please refer to the "entertainment venue" definition in each level of the state's "Red to Green" framework.


Business Operations

What is the current state of restrictions for businesses in New Mexico?

Beginning Dec. 2, 2020, New Mexico transitioned to a county-by-county framework that eases certain restrictions depending on key metrics pertaining to the spread of COVID-19 in each particular county. Counties are deemed red, yellow, or green - each designation carrying specific permissions and restrictions for business operations. The status for each county is updated on a 2-week basis. More information on the "red to green" framework is available here: https://cv.nmhealth.org/public-health-orders-and-executive-orders/red-to-green/

Does everyone in New Mexico have to wear a mask?

Yes. Individuals are required to wear a face-covering or mask in public spaces except when eating, drinking, or unless otherwise advised by a health care provider.

To whom does the $100 fine for not wearing a mask apply?

The $100 fine for not wearing a mask can apply to any person in New Mexico not wearing a mask in public.

What should a business owner/employee do if someone refuses to adhere to the mask requirement while on the premises?

If an individual refuses to adhere to the mask requirement, a person can submit a complaint through this online form or by sending an email to covid.enforcement@state.nm.us

What is the status on New Mexico State Parks?

As of Dec. 3, all New Mexico State Parks are only open to New Mexico residents, and only open for day use.

What is the status of museums and historical sites?

Beginning Feb. 4, state-managed museums and historic sites will re-open under a modified framework. To learn more about the modified operations for state-managed museums and historic sites, visit the Department of Cultural Affairs website.

Museums with interactive exhibits remain closed. Museums without interactive exhibits are permitted to operate as an "other business" in accordance with the "red to green" framework where the museum is located.

When will the public health order be rescinded?

The emergency public health order was extended to December. The New Mexico Department of Health continues to monitor the pandemic and amends the public health order depending on key gating criteria.

Is NMTD closing Visitor Information Centers?

In order to help mitigate the impact of community spread of COVID-19, the New Mexico Tourism Department made the decision to temporarily close all state-owned visitor information centers until further notice.

How will this order be enforced?

The state is working with local governments to ensure residents, visitors and businesses are keeping each other safe. People may report non-compliance with the public health order here.

How long will this last?

The emergency public health order was extended to December 30.

Where can I learn more about what New Mexico is doing to respond to COVID-19 and what’s available to affected workers, businesses, students and more?

newmexico.gov is being updated constantly as the state responds to the COVID-19 outbreak and identifies more resources for affected families and workers. For health-specific information about COVID-19, visit cv.nmhealth.org. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and would like to be screened for a test, call 855-600-3453.


All questions about COVID-19 should be directed to the Department of Health.


Is the state adjusting its advertising and marketing strategy?

NMTD has suspended its national advertising campaign until further notice. Our plan is to launch the campaign when travel is more encouraged.

Will NMTD continue to market events?

All event promotion and partnerships are postponed until further notice.

NMTD Programs

What is the status of the Cooperative Marketing Grant Program?

In response to the continued risk of COVID-19, NMTD made the decision to pivot the FY21 CoOp Marketing Grant Program away from generating demand to instead focus on preparedness.

What is the status of the Clean & Beautiful Grant Program?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the Department of Health's Emergency Public Health Order, the New Mexico Tourism Department extended the grant application window for FY21 to provide more flexibility for interested partners. NMTD is in the final stages of announcing the recipients of the Clean & Beautiful Grant for FY21.