Flex Funded Marketing Initiatives

What are Flex initiatives?

Flex initiatives provide matching funds for eligible marketing or media initiatives of the partner’s own design that are not offered through our Media Menu Plan (MMP).

FY25 CoOp Flex Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

How is Flex different than MMP?

Awarded partners fund 100% of costs upfront, with the awarded match amount reimbursed by NMTD after proof of placement, performance, and payment. Partner is responsible for program development & negotiation, execution, trafficking creative, and performance reporting. The partner will:

  • Negotiate programs with media vendors (estimates must be uploaded and submitted as part of the CoOp application).
  • Develop production timelines with vendors.
  • Manage production process and secure NMTD creative approval.
  • Deliver all assets and traffic ads to vendors.
  • Confirm programs are live.
  • Track and optimize live media as needed.
  • Handle media vendor payments.
  • Collect proof of placement and all vendor reporting.
  • Complete Flex reimbursement request within 30 days of in-market date for each initiative.
  • Complete required reporting to NMTD by July 15, 2025 for FY25.

FY25 CoOp MMP VS Flex Initiatives

FY25 CoOp Flex Initiative Roles

Reimbursement Requirements:

Flex initiatives require partners to fund 100% of the costs upfront, with NMTD reimbursing a portion of the cost. Here is what you will need to submit your reimbursement for ALL eligible expenses:

  1. Proof of placement - Invoice(s)
  2. Copy of creative
  3. Proof of creative approval – Ensure all initiatives are approved 21 days prior to in-market date. Submit creative assets through the Asana form available here. Obtain the Creative Approval ID number from your PSR and include it in the Additional Information table within the reimbursement request form.
  4. Proof that payment cleared the bank. Include the following documents:
    1. Copies of front and back of canceled checks or credit card payment receipt/confirmation.
    2. Bank statement - Clearly identify the charge that is being submitted for reimbursement by highlight cleared payment. Online version is acceptable.
  5. Scan all supporting materials into ONE PDF document and attach to the reimbursement form.

Deadline to submit Flex reimbursements will be within 30 days of placement in market. ALL FY25 requests for reimbursement must be received by June 10, 2025.

Tracking and Impact Report (TIR) for Flex Initiatives

A customized Tracking and Impact Report (TIR), mandatory with your awarded flex initiatives, will be shared with partners through their CoOp Corner (Google Drive link shared by the partner's assigned PSR), in the Reporting & Analytics folderThis Tracking & Impact form is customized for each organization, with reporting tabs for varying awarded flex funds, and is used to analyze the performance of flex initiatives. The Tracking and Impact Report is required to be completed as flex initiatives conclude or as partners continue gathering performance data. 
Deadline to submit the Tracking and Impact Report is July 15, 2025 for FY25

To Submit a Flex Reimbursement Request:

  • Complete the Flex Reimbursement Request form, complete all columns in the table (scroll right to check for hidden columns), and upload supporting documentation at https://nmtourism.smapply.io (the same place you completed your initial online application).
  • Ensure all advertisements are pre-approved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Nelida Griego, Cooperative Marketing Program Coordinator, at nelida.griego@td.nm.gov.

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