SANTA FEOn December 28, 2022, President Joe Biden announced the appointment of Tourism Secretary Jen Paul Schroer to represent New Mexico for the Route 66 Centennial Commission.

Schroer is 1 of 12 members on the commission, which includes representatives from the private sector, federal government and states along Route 66.

“Some of the most iconic locations, settings and images associated with Route 66 are found here in New Mexico,” Schroer said. “I’m grateful for this appointment and I look forward to working with our in-state stakeholders and my commission colleagues to commemorate 100 years of New Mexico’s Route 66 heritage from Tucumcari to Gallup and everywhere in between.”

The Route 66 Centennial Commission was established by Congress to study and recommend in a report to Congress activities that would be fitting and proper to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Mother Road of the United States, Route 66, in 2026. The Commission shall study activities that may be carried out by the Federal Government to honor Route 66, including potential ceremonies and celebrations, the production and publication of media and other materials, and the issuance of commemorative items.

The New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD) celebrates the history, heritage and people along New Mexico’s stretch of Route 66 through various campaigns. In this previous Route 66 campaign, NMTD highlights feature locations on and off the route, New Mexico’s place in the history of Route 66, and a New Mexico True story about the people that keep the heritage of the Mother Road alive and well for future generations of travelers.