Pandemic Product Makers

In early-March 2020 Americans were just starting to see the detrimental effects of coronavirus. With their communities in peril, New Mexico makers responded to the growing need for personal protective equipment. They mixed hand sanitizer and molded soap, sewed masks, made and donated thousands of ear-saving clasps. They shifted from everyday business by creating and distributing supplies for health care and essential workers. Now it's our turn to show we care. Support your neighbors. Buy locally made New Mexico True Certified products.

Our Commitment to Healing

A family walks on the Santa Fe Plaza with masks on.

“Supporting people through rough transitions is a regular part of our lives, not just our business. We created these care packages very early on in this crisis as a way for people to send love and comfort to friends & family in a safe way. We wanted people to feel connected and to create an “escape” vibe. We addressed the safety issue with hand sanitizer & face masks FIRST, but mental health is also a big concern. We created the Paradise Rescue Pack so people can pretend they’re in paradise.” 
            -Maaike Fettah, Sunshine Alchemists & Soap Co., Los Ranchos

“In response to COVID-19 we have repurposed our woodworking equipment and machinery to manufacture Ear Savers. We have distributed over 15,000 units nationwide since late March and will continue to make and supply them to anyone in need. It is imperative that we do our part to help flatten the curve.“    
            - Tricia Tift, TFT Wood, Albuquerque

“For every mask purchased, one will be donated to a local homeless shelter.”   
            - Sylvia Spence, Silverado Apparel + Home, Albuquerque

We owe the idea to gather New Mexico True Certified “Life Savers” to our partners at Inaccord Designs.
Hearing from front line healthcare workers about mask discomfort and sore ears, veteran and business owner Audie Bell wanted to help. He and Melody fired up the laser and developed a comfortable hook that fastens behind the head using mask straps. In a few short weeks, they donated over 1,200 hooks to employees of the Veterans' Hospital in Albuquerque. Today, the Bells are making customized masks for businesses as well as personal use. 

Silverado Apparel + Home

Face mask

Ayanna Denise Skin

SUN RX Sunscreen 30 SPF

Los Poblanos

Hand sanitizer

TFT Wood

Mask clasp

Saguaro Farms

Mesilla Love Spell artisanal soap

Desert Bells

Cold process honey soap

Willow Sage Co.

Lemongrass handcrafted soap bar

Clear Light The Cedar...

Cedar hand soap for kitchen and bath

Bison Star Naturals

New Mexico's Favorite Silky Smooth Lotion

Super Salve Co.

Lemongrass hand and body soap

Yerba Botanicals

Yerba Body Rescue Tonic

Made to Lather

Gift box of popular bath and body items

Laughing Turtle Soap Co.

Almond Scrubby Soap

Sunshine Alchemists

Luster & Shine Double Wick Luxury Candle

Martha's Body Bueno

Sampler Kit - Moisturizers in Reusable Hemp & Vinyl bag

Los Poblanos

Lavender hand soap

Chelle Summer

Unique, handmade, upcycled handbags


Roadrunner & Zia Face Mask

Bison Star Naturals

Coronakit cleansing & moisturizing collection

Ayanna Denise Skin

Thé Bar with activated charcoal

Los Poblanos

Lavender Sanitizer Hand Spray

Aymala Studio

Rose Quartz Love + Healing Necklace

Sombra Cosmetics

Premium antibacterial hand sanitizer, citrus scent


Make the Promise Today.

Make a personal promise to follow COVID-Safe Practices (CSPs) to make New Mexico the safest place for our families, coworkers, and guests. Are you a business owner or manager? Become a NM Safe Certified business.

New Mexico Safe Promise, New Mexico Magazine