New Mexico Tourism Department Online Business Directory Policies & Requirements

Terms & Conditions

Consistent with the mission of the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD), the purpose of the Department's website is to market New Mexico as an enchanting destination to the world. In accord with our mission, the following guidelines have been established for determining which external businesses or organizations will be allowed to list on


  1. The organization or business that wishes to place a link or listing on NMTD's website must provide goods, services or information through their website that directly benefit the traveling public. The Department reserves the right to determine the relevance of the organization or business as it relates to the tourism industry.
  2. Any organization or business that wishes to place a link or listing on NMTD's website must be Based in New Mexico.
  3. The listing organization or business must have a website. If you do not have a website, you may use your social media accounts, but they must be a business account and regularly updated.
  4. The organization or business should provide goods, services or information that are unique to New Mexico.
  5. The linking website's information must be presented in a positive, appealing manner.
  6. The linking organization must provide a good or service that reinforces the Department's mission to market New Mexico as a travel destination.

The NMTD requests that a link back to be placed on the listing organization's website but this is not a requirement.

The New Mexico Tourism Department reserves the right to deny a link to any business or organization that does not meet our guidelines or does not adhere to the department's mission as determined by NMTD.

How do I Request an Account and create a listing?

For a business or organization wishing to place a listing or an event on an online business account request form must be filled out located on NMTD's industry partners website here: Partner's Portal Account Request Form. NMTD personnel will then review the account request and approve or deny the account based on our published guidelines.

Only one listing is permitted per business location. Businesses that have more than one location, such as a franchise, may create a listing for each location as long as each location is in a significantly different location from the primary business location. There is no need to duplicate any item.

The requesting business may be required to supply additional information to determine if it is relevant to the department's mission.

Click here for instructions on how to add how to add a listing, event or special offer (deal), or how to edit an existing listing, event or deal.


A Business Listing is a brick and mortar location or online storefront. Business listings should be “evergreen” because they become a permanent feature on the website unless we (NMTD/NMMagazine) are informed by the business owner that the location is closed or no longer in operation.

An Event Listing occurs at a location like a brick and mortar location. Events expire once the date of the event is past and are automatically removed from the website. Events should be created only by the event coordinator in order to ensure the most accurate information.

Best Practices: If a business or organization would like to promote an event at their location, they should enter the event in the Calendar of Events section of the Partner’s Portal. A business listing should not contain dates related to an event to avoid confusing visitors to the website(s).

The NMTD Web Team will determine the most effective placement of external links on NMTD's website.

Events and Deals:

These policies are also applicable to any events or special travel offers placed on the tourism website.

Event Definition:

An Event is something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time. An event will take place for a specific and limited period of time and will end once that time period has passed. In some cases, an event may occur over an extended period of time. EX: An exhibit at a museum may occur over a period of months; Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta occurs for appx 10 days annually.

Events cannot encompass your regular business hours. A business has hours where they are open for operation on a daily or weekly basis related to their regular function as appropriate for the goods or services they offer. Business hours will not be approved for inclusion on the calendar.

Images, Videos, and other Media

It is the listors responsibility to ensure legal ownership or authorized use by the copyright owner for any material that appears on the tourism website. The New Mexico Tourism Department cannot be held responsible for any an event, listing or deal which contains copyrighted material that is not legally owned by the user that uploaded the media. The onus will fall upon that person or business for the use of any media and the proof that they have the rights to use it.

IMPORTANT: The nature of internet allows any individual to copy, distribute, and modify various forms of media from multiple sources. If there is any media being used on NMTD’s website that has potentially been infringed upon, and you can provide proof of ownership or copyright, please contact the webmaster, information below, and the content/media will be removed.

Disputing a Rejection Notice

It is our mission to promote New Mexico as travel destination and help provide the best possible experience for visitors to New Mexico. We also support the tourism industry in our state. If you have submitted a listing for placement on NMTD’s website that was rejected and would like to discuss our policy, please contact Max Lehman Webmaster via the information provided below.

We are always happy to discuss our policies and attempt to resolve any policy issues for the benefit of our state and the traveling public.


Acceptance of a listing on does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of that business by the New Mexico Tourism Department. The information about goods and services contained on this website does not constitute endorsement by the New Mexico Tourism Department. Listings are provided as a service to the traveling public, but the Department does not in any way vouch for the accuracy or reliability of external websites.

Placing a listing on the tourism website is provided as a free benefit by NMTD. The linking organization or business is responsible for the accuracy and content of any information they enter on NMTD's website. If changes need to be made to a listing, and the link requestor is not able to make the necessary changes using the NMTD website business listing application, NMTD personnel will make the changes on a case by case basis, subject to their adherence to our published guidelines. It is not the responsibility of NMTD personnel to review a requestor's link or website for accuracy or functionality.

The New Mexico Tourism Department reserves the right to review all listings or links and delete them without notice. The New Mexico Tourism Department reserves the right to terminate or modify its website without prior notice.

Third party links

Occasionally, at NMTD’s discretion, we may include or offer third party products or services on our website. These third-party sites have separate and independent policies. New Mexico Tourism Department is not responsible for third party content, activities and/or links published on this website. Nonetheless, NMTD seeks to protect the integrity of our website and welcomes any feedback about these third-party sites.


New Mexico Tourism Department does not offer licensing and compliance advice for any substances which users must be 21 years or older to possess. It is the responsibility of all licensees and applicants for licensure to comply with all state laws and rules promulgated by the NM Regulation and Licensing Department. Be advised any allegations of misconduct reported to NMTD may result in removal from

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Changes to our Policies

Any change to New Mexico Tourism Department’s listing policy, will be posted on this page.