Longtime “Team True” member Audrey Herrera-Castillo is taking on a new role at the New Mexico Tourism Department. On Monday, Secretary Latham announced to staff that Audrey would be transitioning into the Deputy Cabinet Secretary position, a seat that has been vacant at the department since December 2014.

Audrey’s tenure with NMTD dates back to 1998 when she began as the assistant director for the Clean & Beautiful program. Over the years she has taken on more responsibility, holding the manager positions for both the regional marketing boards and the cooperative marketing programs, the Director of Marketing Outreach Programs (Clean & Beautiful, Tribal Tourism, Co-op and Event Sponsorship grant programs, fulfillment operations, and the VIC program), and most recently as the Administrative Services Division Director.

In her new role Audrey will maintain responsibility for all administrative and operational activities for the agency, while doubling the department’s bandwith for important initiatives that further the New Mexico True brand and tourism in New Mexico.  Audrey will use her strength in organizational management and insight into the department’s mission and background to provide support for the agency’s programs and staff.

Audrey can be reached at Audrey.Hererra-Castillo@state.nm.us.