Job Openings at the New Mexico Tourism Department

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Editor in Chief of New Mexico Magazine

New Mexico Magazine is seeking an Editor in Chief to help lead it into the evolving world of print and digital publishing while maintaining the publication’s traditions of strong storytelling. We’re looking for a leader who has a strategic vision for managing the magazine’s content in print and in digital products.  In this role, it’s imperative to know the intended audience of the publication and make content-related decisions as such. You serve as the face of the publication and must confidently represent the publication at meetings and events. A successful editor in chief has a combination of creative, technical, and interpersonal skills as well as high standards for quality.  The Editor in Chief should possess equal parts passion and prudence and be able to work with a team of creative, dedicated editors and art directors, and foster collaborative relations with publication managers and directors, editors, content marketers, writers, and sponsors.  The position provides a unique opportunity to guide good storytelling, impactful journalism, and a literary tableau that speaks to the state’s diverse fans and grows the audience.  The Editor in Chief reports to the CEO and works closely with the Art Director and Circulation Director, to elevate New Mexico Magazine’s reputation, as the source of information for all lovers of New Mexico. In the fast-paced world of the news, an Editor in Chief demonstrates grace under pressure to create a remarkable issue all the time.  


  1. Through strong, effective and empowering management skills, lead editorial staff members.  Implement the strategic plan for the editorial unit, and provide guidance and assistance to the managing editor and senior editor;
  2. Organize, supervise, and participate in the management and development of all copy submitted for publication;
  3. Manage contractors, vetting and hiring process of external writers and contributors to New Mexico Magazine, and the associated paperwork and process;
  4. Establish the editorial calendar for print and digital, set and enforce deadlines for copy by consulting with editors, designers, and publishing managers on content for each issue; provide evaluations of manuscripts to editors and issues; supervise the submission and tracking system for freelance and editorial needs; prepare operational reports and analyses setting forth progress and adverse trends, and provide appropriate recommendations or conclusions;   
  5. Report directly to the CEO/Publisher for guidance on personnel actions, performance appraisals, and budget or financial decisions.  
  6. Represent and promote the publication at various events and gatherings;  
  7. Be adept in the language of the publication to adapt to its voice and tone; practice transparency in the publication material, and maintain objectivity, of which all are important;   
  8. Possess a proven record in developing a digital presence that will benefit New Mexico Magazine’s website and social-media outlets to leverage revenue-enhancing products.


  1. An advanced university degree in journalism, communication, media communication, or English or a minimum of 15 years of experience in the named fields/curriculums. 
  2. An Edit Test and Portfolio

How to Apply: Send cover letter, resume and any supplemental information to Antoinette Vigil, Deputy Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Tourism Department at  Open until filled.  For further information, contact Jessica Chavez, Executive Admin Assistant for Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Antoinette Vigil at or call 505-469-6676.  


Marketing Coordinator at New Mexico Magazine

The Marketing Coordinator of New Mexico Magazine (NMM) will be responsible for the magazine’s marketing and promotion strategy, while supporting the Publisher to develop revenue (traditional and non-traditional which includes advertising sales and online store).  The candidate will create, develop and manage the portfolio of marketing materials that aligns with the strategy for growth and evolution of this award-winning publication owned and operated by the State of New Mexico. This includes having a proven ability to work collaboratively across all functions to discover, develop and amplify future partnerships.  S/he will be adept at leading a variety of endeavors including marketing collateral, event management, visibility efforts, strategic communications and messaging, media relations and supporting digital marketing efforts. The candidate must be an exceptional relationship manager with the ability to influence outcomes, and will continuously execute tactics to elevate NMM’s profile to both in and out of state key markets.  S/he will develop a strategic and long-term vision for identifying and deepening supporter engagement.

Job Duties

  1. Work with Managers/Directors in creating, developing, managing and assessing the portfolio of sales materials and advertiser/category specific data for inclusion in proposals. 
  2. Create sponsorship decks and customized client decks; manage the approval and fulfillment process for sponsorships to ensure quality control and timely executions 
  3. Develop collateral materials to position NMM platforms to industries, agencies and advertisers 
  4. Coordinate and collaborate with clients, sales, production, creative, editorial, legal, and product teams to execute sponsorships, traditional and digital-first sales packages
  5. Identifies and develops thought leadership relationships to enhance credibility among current and prospective advertising clients, partners.
  6. Develops and manages budget, evaluates results and develops corrective strategies as needed.
  7. Drives the strategic planning and goal-setting process to achieve specific marketing / communications goals.
  8. Provides communication leadership to all staff to build ambassadorship for the organization and implement best practices around presentation and public speaking engagements.
  9. Utilizes storytelling to better connect with new audiences.


  1. College Degree in marketing, communications/journalism, business administration, or graphic design
  2. 3+ years of experience in the above fields.   Sales experience is a plus.  
  3. Experience in the media markets, the travel market place, cultural heritage marketplace and Corporate/B-to-B marketing desired.
  4. Well versed in utilization of new tools and technologies to drive communications and marketing results, including but not limited to strategic communications, blogging, social media (paid and non-paid), e-newsletter development, video development, event management, public relations and media strategies.
  5. Strong ability to be quick on feet and well poised in senior leadership situations. Must be a strong and confident presenter. 
  6. Knowledge of media marketing, the sales process and media in general; print media experience desired. 
  7. Experience developing campaigns, communications, media and engagement strategies with measurable results.
  8. Thorough knowledge of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Mag Manager and  other publication and presentation proficiencies 
  9. Familiarity with the standard syndicated analytics tools (Nielsen, Ipsos Affluent Survey, Erdos & Morgan, Omniture, @Plan, comScore, etc.) to derive insights from the data is a plus

Eligibility Requirements:
Present a portfolio of work and make a presentation at the in-person interview (subject/topic provided when selected for in person interview).  
Willingness to travel and work overtime, and on weekends with short notice 

How to Apply: Post will be available on the State of New Mexico State Personnel Office website. For further information, contact Jessica Chavez, Executive Admin Assistant for Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Antoinette Vigil at or call 505-469-6676.  


Assistant Art Director at New Mexico Magazine

This position is one of three in the design department of New Mexico Magazine, specifically tasked with design and production of the monthly publication and supplemental design pieces, including other duties as assigned by the Art Director.  This Assistant At director is a junior-level creative professional who helps plan and execute art, design and other visual needs for the print and digital visual communications.   As a junior-level position he/she may also be tasked with supervising and coordinating illustrators, photographers, designers, and reviewing the portfolios of potential freelancers. In addition, he/she may help the Art Director in deciding what photographs and artwork to use in publications or shows. In sum, the Assistant Art Director assists the Art Director with all phases of design projects to ensure successful project completion. Monitors work through all stages of pre-production and production and facilitates solutions to any issues that may arise.  New Mexico Magazine’s Art Unit supports the overall objective of elevating New Mexico Magazine’s reputation, as the source of information for all lovers of New Mexico. He/She shall possess excellent communication with co-workers, outside vendors, and contributors while maintaining a positive attitude under tight monthly deadlines. 


  1. Assist the Art Director with the design and production of monthly magazine and annual True Adventure Guide (TAG).
  2. Design sections of the magazine as directed by the Art Director.
  3. Generate print-ready PDFs for the printer, upload, and approve PDFs with the Art Director. Be the magazine production point person and quality lead.
  4. Assist Art Director with stock photo research, illustrator research, typeface research, and map/graphic creation as necessary.
  5. Maintain magazine templates, setup new issue in K4, and be the point person for archiving old issues.
  6. Photography database management.
  7. Adhering to production schedule, while being flexible. 
  8. Exercising a keen eye in design/layout quality for the magazine.


  1. Relevant bachelor's degree in art or fine arts
  2. This position does require some work related travel, at times beyond the normal workday; therefore a valid defensive driving certificate (certification course provided by State of NM upon hire) and a valid driver’s license is essential for vehicle usage.

How to Apply: Post will be available on the State of New Mexico State Personnel Office website. For further information, contact Jessica Chavez, Executive Admin Assistant for Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Antoinette Vigil at or call 505-469-6676.