2016 Visitation Highlight Infographic 

Today, Governor Susana Martinez announced 34.4 million trips were taken to New Mexico in 2016 – shattering the previous record set in 2015 of 33.4 million. New Mexico is a leader in tourism, with trips to the state growing at double the national average. 

“A record number of people are visiting New Mexico and that means more money being spent in our communities – large and small,” said Governor Susana Martinez. “It is so exciting that more people than ever before are getting to experience what we already know: New Mexico is the best place in the world to enjoy natural beauty, vibrant culture and – of course – our incredible food.” 

Overall, trips to New Mexico have grown 15.4 percent since 2010. In addition, 2016 is the largest single-year increase in visitation since the introduction of New Mexico True as the state’s tourism marketing brand in 2012. The tourism industry continues to be a leader in job growth, with another 2,600 Leisure and Hospitality jobs added in 2016 – a 2.8 percent increase since last year and an 8.6 percent increase since 2010.

“New Mexico True brings attention to what is ‘true’ about our state’s vibrant culture and heritage; the things that set us apart from every other state in the country,” Tourism Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Latham said. “Through the use of breathtaking imagery and stunning videography, we’re able to showcase the experiences that consumers are hungry for, opening their eyes to New Mexico as the best destination for culinary travel, outdoor adventure, and abundant cultural opportunities.”