CHARLOTTE, NC — On the cusp of its 102nd year, New Mexico Magazine took home a whopping 20 honors at the 44th annual International Regional Media Association (IRMA) Awards, held June 14 in Charlotte, North Carolina — including a gold award for Magazine of the Year.

Along with the biggest award of the night, New Mexico Magazine’s haul included gold awards in several categories for magazines with 35,000+ circulations: Best General Feature (“Coming Home,” by Bill Shapiro), Best Profile (“Both Sides Now,” by Molly Boyle), Best Nature and Environment Feature (“To Catch a Runner,” by Elizabeth Miller), Best Reader Service package (“Up, Up, and Away,” edited by Steve Gleydura), and Best Special Focus issue and Best Cover (100th anniversary issue, July 2023, edited by Molly Boyle and Steve Gleydura, art direction by John McCauley). The magazine’s Artist Calendar, illustrated by Doug West, also earned a gold for Best Print Calendar.

In addition, Managing Editor Molly Boyle won a silver award for Magazine Writer of the Year, while Art Director John McCauley pocketed another silver for Best Art Direction. The magazine team nabbed gold, silver, bronze, and merit awards across categories in writing, editorial, photography, and design.

America’s very first state magazine, New Mexico Magazine celebrated its centennial in 2023 with a bestselling cookbook and a well-attended exhibition at the New Mexico History Museum. An IRMA judge summed up the beloved magazine’s continuing excellence: “Each issue reads like a love letter to New Mexico's unique culture, diversity, activities, and places. I found myself daydreaming of visiting and looking up similar events and activities in my state. Great writing and beautiful, clean, elevated design.”

“I cannot express the pride I feel in hearing this news, and the appreciation that I have for the entire New Mexico Magazine team in earning this recognition,” said Acting Tourism Secretary Lancing Adams. “New Mexico Magazine truly sets a standard for quality, beauty, and enchantment in every issue.”

“It’s a privilege to continue the magazine’s legacy of excellence and share the heartbeat of New Mexico with our loyal readers,” said Editor in Chief Steve Gleydura. “I hope that visitors and longtime New Mexicans alike will continue to be inspired to explore all the richness that the Land of Enchantment holds.”  

The list of IRMA medals for New Mexico Magazine:


Magazine of the Year – edited by Steve Gleydura and Molly Boyle, art direction by John McCauley

General Feature – “Coming Home” by Bill Shapiro

Profile – “Both Sides Now” by Molly Boyle

Nature and Environment – “To Catch a Runner” by Elizabeth Miller

Reader Service – “Up, Up, and Away,” edited by Steve Gleydura

Special Focus – 100th Anniversary issue, edited by Molly Boyle and Steve Gleydura

Cover – 100th Anniversary issue, art direction by John McCauley

Print Calendar – Artist Calendar, illustrated by Doug West


Writer of the Year – Molly Boyle

Overall Art Direction – John McCauley and Karin Eberhardt

Recreation Feature – “Choose Your Adventure,” by Steve Gleydura, Julian Dossett, David Gomez, Elizabeth Miller, Jim O’Donnell

Editorial Package – “Calm, Cool, and Connected,” by Molly Boyle, Lynn Cline, Candolin Cook, Gwyneth Doland, Maria Manuela, Iris McLister, Jennifer C. Olson, and Cielo Rodriguez, photographed by Tira Howard

Portrait Photo – “Keeping the Faith” by Minesh Bacrania


Department – Originals (Molly Boyle, Elizabeth Miller, Jim O’Donnell)

Food Feature – “Viva la Cocina!” by Molly Boyle, Lynn Cline, Julian Dossett, Karen Fischer, Gregory R.C. Hasman, and Jennifer C. Olson, photographed by Douglas Merriam

Art Direction of a Single Story – “Burn, Baby, Burn!” by John McCauley

Illustration – “In Relation to All Things,” by Shout

Historic Feature – “Ancient Enigmas,” by Kate Nelson

Photo Series – “Family Gathering,” by Tira Howard



Art & Culture – “Both Sides Now” by Molly Boyle


To evaluate the achievements of member magazines, IRMA annually selects a panel of industry experts from outside IRMA who choose winners from the pool of submitted entries. The various award categories include editorial, design, and photography. Review more information about the 2024 IRMA award winners here.