On February 11, 2019, the New Mexico State Senate unanimously confirmed Jen Paul Schroer as the Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Tourism Department. The Senate complimented Secretary Schroer on her dedication and expertise in growing tourism and regional economies in the state as well as commending her background in uniting tourism and hospitality industry partners, in both private and public sector, to position the Land of Enchantment as a top destination for venturesome travelers. 

“We are going to take New Mexico True to the next level,” Secretary Schroer said, “Working with the talented department staff and industry partners, we will make New Mexico the top destination of the Southwest by celebrating our culture and heritage."

Secretary Schroer’s initiatives are to continue growing tourism in New Mexico by focusing on the unique cultural experiences and outdoor recreation while jointly working with the Economic Development Department and other state agencies to enhance the New Mexico True brand. 

Secretary Schroer has proven to be a strong leader in the tourism industry by building brand credibility and leading legislation efforts that leveled the playing field for lodging institutions with fair and balanced taxes. She has also played a tremendous role in uniting industry partners from every corner of the state to develop strategic plans supporting the growth of tourism.

Secretary Schroer served as the President & CEO of the New Mexico Hospitality Association, where she led the merger of two state level trade associations and went on to pass key legislation to help boost tourism development. Through a multifaceted communications and government affairs strategy, Jen secured substantial media coverage in print, digital and broadcast. Her successful strategies led to increased investment, positioning the association to lead the growth strategies for the tourism economy.