For the second year in a row, Spaceport America hosts the world's largest intercollegiate rocket engineering conference and competition and welcomes more than 200 teams. Roughly 1,200 students and faculty who are among some of the best and brightest at more than 70 institutions nationally and internationally will attend this prestigious event.

Spaceport America Cup has select events that are open to the public. Spectators will be able to observe state-of-the art rockets, made by under-graduate and graduate students, blasting off as well as learn about space science and history.

What about down time when the teams have closed sessions? Spaceport America and New Mexico Tourism Department partnered to create a roundup of attractions, destinations and events for students, faculty and spectators to enjoy while in New Mexico. The list is long and our goal is to share New Mexico’s gems with visitors and encourage extended stays. Each Regional Marketing Board contributed with listing events and attractions near them.

The Spaceport America Cup roundup was emailed to each team prior to their arrival. The Tourism Department thanks our partners for contributing to the roundup and is proud to share another great collaborative tourism promotion with visitors to the Land of Enchantment.