National Travel & Tourism Week | May 7-13  
#NewMexicoTRUE      #FacesOfTravel

Generate free publicity for your business and community by sharing your #NewMexicoTrue statement.

National Travel and Tourism Week is a salute to travel in America as communities nationwide unite to showcase the impact of travel to policymakers, business leaders and local media. The U.S. Travel Association is shining a spotlight on the people who keep this industry strong and prosperous through this year’s “Faces of Travel” campaign theme.

We want to spotlight the wonderful “Faces of Travel” in the state of New Mexico through a social media campaign highlighting our industry partners and travel and tourism leaders. Join in on our unique “#NewMexicoTRUE Faces of Travel” campaign by submitting photos of the hard-working faces in your community (individual or group) along with statements about the impact travel and tourism makes in their lives, to by May 5, 2017.

Here’s how:

  1. Take a horizontal photo of you or the people of your community in action at a travel and tourism job.
  2. Write out the New Mexico True statement - your reason working in this industry is fulfilling and important.

"I (we) work in tourism because _____________.”
"Because of the work I (we) do in tourism, ________________.”
“Tourism in New Mexico is important to me (us) because _____________.”

  1. Send your photo and statement, along with your name and organization, business, etc. to

*Note: you can submit for multiple people from your organization or community on an ongoing basis.

The Tourism Department will place your photo, name and your “My New Mexico True” statement into a pre-designed template to share on our @NMTourism Twitter account, and also provide to you to share socially on your personal and/or organizational social accounts. Select photos will also be shared on New Mexico True’s travel-inspiring social media accounts, generating free publicity for your business or community with thousands of travelers and people who love New Mexico.

These will not only highlight the many Faces of Travel in New Mexico, but also spotlight the important and fulfilling reasons for working in this industry. The department will also run the photos and True Statements during its May 10 post-Governor’s Conference events in Albuquerque.