The New Mexico Tourism Department joined the New Mexico Hospitality Association for a celebration of tourism, which included members of the tourism industry speaking to elected officials about how critical the tourism industry is to the state. Industry partners from all over the state convened at the Roundhouse to communicate tourism’s success and economic impact to elected officials.

The Tourism Department would like to express its gratitude to the members of the industry who participated and helped get the word out about New Mexico True. The work we do together is meaningful on so many levels and we are proud to collectively contribute to the greater good of New Mexicans. In 2016, tourism in New Mexico generated $6.4 billion in revenue and accounted for 90,000 jobs.

The New Mexico Tourism Department created the New Mexico True campaign in response to common misconceptions that New Mexico is a dry, arid, barren desert state with nothing to do. Built upon the idea that a trip to New Mexico is an “adventure that feeds the soul,” the campaign provides a platform for unified brand messaging for more than 50 communities and businesses around the state. In 2015, New Mexico True received two prestigious awards for “Best Digital Campaign” in the country. Since the launch of the campaign in 2012, the economic impact of tourism in New Mexico has grown for seven consecutive years.