Recently among millennial travelers, a more organic landscape is trending. By organic landscape we are talking about cultural sites, natural design/scenery for venturesome travel and unique places to take the best “candid” picture and eat the best food.

“Earthships” is one of our most popular New Mexico True Television videos and helps us further tap into the trending sustainable tourism market where visitors spend more and stay longer. Earthships are clean and reduce carbon footprints. They are something new and unique.

Sustainable destinations as such are a draw for young adult travelers. These visitors are independent, eco-conscious, crave adventure and, moreover, are looking for off-the-radar travel experiences.

Milliennials are also avid users of social media. They see it as the best place for travel planning and sharing their experiences for the world to see, reinforcing trends. It also collects useful analytics to show users and the industry alike what’s popular and effective.

New Mexico is rich with the destinations, environment and social media platforms millennials, the most influential travel market, prefer. How can we, as an industry, keep up-to-date with millennial activity and follow the online footprint? How can we fit into what’s trending?

Tune into the next “How-To” webinar to learn more about sustainable tourism, how social media supports experiential travel and how you can take the first steps into millennial travel trends by leveraging New Mexico True resources.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

10:00 AM

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Key Takeaways:

  • What is sustainable tourism and why is it so popular?
  • Is my destination sustainable? If not, how can it be?
  • Who exactly is the millennial market and why should my destination be prepared for them?
  • What’s trending on social media?
  • What is an “influencer” or “blogger” and how do I appeal to one?
  • How can I work with New Mexico True to get in on these trends?