NM Travel Promotion Toolkit

Making a strong case for your local marketing and promotion budget is important to every member of New Mexico’s tourism industry. While revenue streams and funding sources are shrinking around the state, tourism is a bright spot that can diversify New Mexico’s economy. The New Mexico Travel Promotion Toolkit was designed to provide industry partners the resources necessary to lobby for increased funding for marketing and advertising in their own local budgets. Investing in marketing will yield a positive return by generating new tax revenue to fund public safety and important infrastructure projects.

Talking Points and One-Sheet

These talking points include impact statements and statewide statistics on jobs, taxes, return on investment, growth, economic impact, and visitor spending. You can use these tools to illustrate the importance of the tourism industry as a whole for New Mexico.

Economic Impact of Tourism in New Mexico

Growth and Spending of Visitors in New Mexico

Jobs and Return-on-Investment Supported by New Mexico Visitors


Sample correspondence to local elected officials and key stakeholders is included in the toolkit. Using the template provided, you can fill in the most pertinent and impactful local data points from your community to illuminate the importance of tourism to your own local community.

Sample Letter to Local Elected Official

Case Study

Earlier this year, the U.S. Travel Association highlighted New Mexico’s promotional successes in a case study published in January, 2017. This case study emphasized the impact of New Mexico True on not only the tourism industry, but on statewide economic development as a whole. This article can be used to showcase the many positive impacts that New Mexico True has had on the state as a whole.

U.S. Travel Report on New Mexico True Advertising

Local Data

Having access to high-quality, impactful data at the local level is essential for promoting and advocating for tourism within communities. Local data is broken down by region and county, and provides statistics on jobs (including percent of jobs supported by tourism), taxes (local, state and federal), economic impact, spending, growth, and tourism dependence.

Central Region

Southeast Region

Southwest Region

North Central Region

Northwest Region

Northeast Region


Third party research has emphasized the importance of visitation and exposure to New Mexico True marketing on not just the New Mexico tourism industry, but on economic development. The graphic included in the toolkit shows just how huge that impact can be. This graphic shows that boosting exposure and visitation to New Mexico vastly improves perceptions of the state as a place to live, work, and start a business.

2016 Record-Setting Visitation Numbers Infographic

Impact of New Mexico True Advertising on Economic Development Image