Earned Media Cooperative Program

About the Program

Earned media is an increasingly popular strategy in boosting the awareness and credibility of a destination for leisure travel. An effective earned media strategy can enhance the SEO for a destination or tourism-related business, compliment paid media tactics, and expose a destination to non-traditional audiences - and often through less expensive channels.

The New Mexico Tourism Department's overhauled national earned media program is bringing more travel writers and influencers to New Mexico than ever before. In FY21, NMTD generated an ROI of $5.6 in secured earned media value (EMV) for every $1 spent on earned media tactics. And for the next phase of NMTD's national earned media program, the department is providing local partners with the opportunity to join in through the Earned Media Cooperative Program.

The Earned Media Cooperative Program allows tourism-related entities to submit requests to NMTD for support with inviting travel writers and influencers to New Mexico. If requests meet certain criteria for NMTD, the department will be able to cover certain expenses associated with a familiarization (FAM) tour so that local partners can stretch their own dollars further.


The following entities are eligible for this program:

  • Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
  • Municipal governments
  • County governments
  • Tribal governments

Tourism-related entities that are not eligible are encouraged to work with their local DMO or other eligible entity to submit a request.

How it works

  1. Identify a travel writer or influencer you would like to work with
  2. Draft an itinerary for that writer or influencer
  3. Submit your request to the Tourism Department

The review process may take up to two weeks upon submission. A representative from NMTD will provide a response with feedback and options once the review process is complete. If a request is deemed eligible for support, NMTD will schedule a consultation to assist in the planning and execution of your proposed FAM tour.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Align with NMTD's media pitching vision. NMTD strives to showcase the unique space for leisure travel in New Mexico where adventure meets culture. For pitching media, this means we emphasize anything new or intriguing in New Mexico cuisine, outdoor adventure, arts & culture, and health & wellness. This should be reflected in the travel writer/influencer you are targeting and the itinerary you are proposing.
  • Have a working relationship or knowledge of the writer/influencer. This demonstrates a certain level of interest in coverage of New Mexico from the writer/influencer, which will aid in the review process.
  • Include other local/regional partners. Our objective at the New Mexico Tourism Department is to generate as much regionally-diverse, travel-related coverage of New Mexico as possible. An itinerary that demonstrates regional inclusivity will receive greater consideration during the review process.

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