Tourism Event Growth & Sustainability Program Overview

This program provides technical assistance, sponsorship, and marketing and advertising to events within New Mexico to support their growth and improvement.

The program offers three options for support:

Event Accelerator

Builds and improves events to prepare them for sponsorship. Technical assistance provides an Online Discoverability Audit of the event and a strategy for building/improving the event website, social media presence, and/or online ticketing. Upon successful completion of the accelerator, the event may receive up to $5,000 in reimbursement-based funding to execute the deliverables provided in the accelerator.

To participate, applicants must provide proof of event success/track record, local commitment, and a readiness to accelerate.

Event Sponsorship

Secures sponsorships for events by providing up to $50,000 in a sponsorship from NMTD and by providing the opportunity to participate in a national sponsorship sales program, depending on eligibility.

To participate, applicants must upload letters of support from the event’s Town/City, County, Chamber, and DMO; provide brand impressions equal to the contract amount; and demonstrate advertising potential and ability to grow the event. Events must have a media/communications plan; a website and social media strategy; and a marketing budget. Applicants must also provide eventgoer numbers and demographics, as well as information about the event’s economic impact on the community; data must indicate that the event has grown and is successful enough to attract sponsors.

CoOp Events Advertising Program

Secures marketing and advertising for events through a 2:1 co-funded marketing program in which awarded entities choose from a media menu up to an award of $10,000.

To participate, event must have digital access to website and social accounts, and conversion potential on the event website.

For further information or program assistance, please contact Emily Bates, Tourism Development Coordinator, at or 505-690-6167.