Pecos, the gateway to the great outdoors starts here.

There might be more adventure packed into this area than in any other part of New Mexico, and if you know New Mexico you know that’s really saying something. The history, the culture, the beauty and the diversity of the Pecos region simply serve as a tremendous backdrop for all there is to experience and do here. Hiking, fishing, exploring, relaxing…what are you looking for? Or maybe the better question is what are you waiting for? 

Sometimes the best journey starts when you slow down. Sometimes you hear more in a quiet place. Have a high point in your life down in the valleys. Reach down deep inside yourself up on the ridge tops. Pecos is for people who want to explore the simpler, purer path. It isn't a park and it doesn't have a theme. It's a village tucked into a river valley, with a horizon that scans mountains and meadows and mesas and plains.

Pecos is a place to hike, fish, horseback ride, and meditate. Pecos is a western saga situated near an all-weather pass where west was lost and won time and time again. First came Pueblo and Plains Indians, then Spanish settlers, then traders on the Santa Fe Trail, and then Confederate and Union soldiers.

Pecos National MonumentThe Pecos National Historical Park is at our doorstep. The Pecos Wilderness and Pecos River are in our back yard. Pecos is an ancient place with modern amenities, a village of family owned lodges and cabins, restaurants, shops, fly fishing and guiding services.

Pecos is for people who want to hear the beat of a bird's wings, and the wind in the high mountain forest. Hike the wilderness or a 16th Century mission, drop a line in the river, enjoy the wildflowers, spend time watching dozens of species of birds, tour an art studio, savor a meal, reserve a cabin. Come for the day, or a longer stay.

Pecos. It's closer than you think.

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