Home to artists and artisans, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs. New Mexico makers and growers embody the soulful spirit of the Land of Enchantment. They honor generations past and future by embracing and integrating the culture and traditions of our land and people. They design, hand make, and forge treasures with care for the love of craftsmanship and the joy of those who buy the fruits of their labor. Engage all your senses in a New Mexico True Certified experience when you lay eyes upon our paintings, feel the contours of our sculptures, breathe the scent of lavender, taste our salsa, and hear our instruments. These are the people and products of New Mexico.  

Banner image courtesy of Tree of Life Studio, visit their website.

We are Heirloom Acres. We harvest fun.

Heirlooms are treasured items passed down from generation to generation. The Joy family has owned its family farm for over 100 years, Stuart and his wife Allyson are the fourth generation to work this land. Heirloom Acres embodies the ancestral values of family, hard work, and great fun. The Joys love sharing the fun, excitement, and magic that come with harvest season. Walking the patch to find the perfect pumpkins and getting lost in the 8-acre corn maze are part of annual traditions, as is gathering around a campfire. They welcome the company of those from near and far, long-time friends and those anew who are "just passing through." Heirloom Acres invites every family to take part in the best that autumn has to offer.

Heirloom Acres

We are Pimentel Guitars. We strum the soul.

Embracing the legacy of their father, Lorenzo, the four Pimentel brothers inherited their father's incredible talent, responded to the call and have raised the bar to a whole new level. Creating guitars unparalleled in craftsmanship, beauty, and sound, each of Lorenzo's sons specializes one type of guitar or another. Expertise, love of the art, and perfectionism are key ingredients of every handcrafted piece. Their instruments are renowned and strummed by guitar masters around the world. Find your custom guitar.

Pimentel Guitar

We are FS2 Supply Co. We wear our pride.

Eric and Kelly Griego value family, culture and landscape, just a few of the things that make their native New Mexico special. A graphic designer and teacher by trade, they wanted to create something that demonstrated their deep love for their home and would inspire others to take pride in its history and culture. Many of the designs that adorn the apparel and goods of FS2 Supply Co. include the sacred sun symbol of the Zia People. This iconic image represents the Circle of Life: four winds, seasons, directions, and obligations (to develop a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others). The circle binds the four sets of elements together (credit to ZiaPueblo.org). Get hoodies and other New Mexico gear.




Zia New Mexico Hoodie

We are Ernest Thompson. We keep tradition alive.

With passionate hearts, loving hands, and incomparable talent, the designers and artisans of The Ernest Thompson Company transform raw materials into timeless designs and heirloom-quality furniture and cabinets. Many of the craftspeople have centuries-long family history of handcrafted furniture making. There have been times when fathers worked alongside brothers and sons, employing time-honored techniques, hand-carving details in the tradition and with the care of the masters who came before them. Shop home furnishings.




NM True Certified Profile-Ernest Thompson Furniture

We are Red Rock Roasters. We create energy.

In the early 1990's, in a sleepy farming village on the outskirts of a growing metropolitan area, a coffee company was born in an old adobe barn. Today, Red Rock Roasters coffee is served in over 150 of New Mexico’s best restaurants, cafés and hotels. The family business has a deep commitment to quality, community and sustainability. They hand-roast green coffee beans, pay a living wage, donate at least 10% of annual profits to local charities, and was New Mexico’s first roaster to have its facility Fair Trade and Carbonfund certified. Rachel Langer, second generation roaster, maintains her family's values and legacy while successfully innovating and leading, ultimately enriching the lives and productivity of New Mexicans. Flavor awaits.




NM True Certified Profile-Red Rock Roasters

We are Dave's Windchimes. We give voice to the wind.

Dave Merriman makes windchimes for people who want to hear the wind. Each set is customized, and every pipe carefully tuned to whole notes that sound long, harmonious soothing sounds. “I think of them as individuals,” Dave says of his creations. They’re made from aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel pipe. He sands and grinds them until they embody pleasing designs. Then arranges and suspends each tube so it’s rung by the striker. Dave’s chimes are designed to swirl with the wind, don’t get tangled, or break. His quality chimes are hand-built with integrity and transferred from his workshop to homes with the intention and gift of joyous sound for years to come. Dave sells at craft markets and annual festivals around New Mexico. Contact Dave for more information.

Handmade windchimes

We are Kiva Lighting. We illuminate the Land of Enchantment. 

From pine trees, moose and elk to Native symbols like Kokopelli, bears, and suns, Kiva Lighting customizes beautiful fixtures that brighten homes around the world. More art studio than manufacturer in its quality and attention to detail, Kiva still manages to fill large-scale orders from its humble warehouse in Albuquerque. Brighten up.

Southwestern Wall Sconces

We are ZirYab's Body Brew. We calm the minds of active bodies.

Brenda McFarlane and Kevin Stratton thought ZirYab's was the perfect name for natural body products. After all, the 9th century musician is credited with introducing deodorant to Andalusian society. Brenda formulated and created her own Amazing 24 Hour Natural Deodorant. It changed her life and wanting to share it with others, she started making larger batches, selling at Farmer's Markets, and online. It wasn't long before Brenda had an expanding, enthusiastic and loyal customer base so she added other self-developed, hand-made products. Next Kevin joined the venture and then it was time to trade their stressful urban lives for a big dream in a small town. The couple relocated to Silver City, the small eclectic town where they're surrounded by a welcoming community of creatives and the Gila National Forest. ZirYab's brilliance went beyond music and hygiene, initiating cultural innovations and trendsetting fashions. The philosophy aligns with Brenda and Kevin's dedicated approach to developing products that combine Old World and Native Southwest cultural knowledge with practical modern science for personal, handmade product development. Soothe your skin.


Ziryab's Body Brew