Home to artists and artisans, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs. New Mexico makers and growers embody the soulful spirit of the Land of Enchantment. They honor generations past and future by embracing and integrating the culture and traditions of our land and people. They design, hand make, and forge treasures with care for the love of craftsmanship and the joy of those who buy the fruits of their labor. Engage all your senses in a New Mexico True Certified experience when you lay eyes upon our paintings, feel the contours of our sculptures, breathe the scent of lavender, taste our salsa, and hear our instruments. These are the people and products of New Mexico.  

Koo Weh Cookies.

Koo-Weh Cookies, home of sweet cookies, started with a football season coming to an end. As coach and team mom, Trisha and Gil helped to raise enough money to have an elaborate banquet for her son’s team. She thought football sugar cookie bouquets for each player would be a nice touch. It was a lot of work and though they were not the best decorated cookies she found herself hooked.

Trisha says, “Every batch of dough is made from scratch and every single cookie is decorated by hand with a soft bite royal icing. Each cookie has a story, your story. We are here to help tell those stories and create smiles for the special events in your life. Koo-Weh means “sweet” in my Native American language, and we hope to put a little Koo-Weh-ness into your life".

Koo Weh Cookies

New Mexico Fungi

Established in February 2021, NM Fungi proudly offers the highest quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to Albuquerque, Los Ranchos, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe & Taos. Grown in a controlled indoor environment, their urban farm is able to cultivate throughout the year and cater to seasonal tastes. They offer a wide selection of rotating species including: Black Pearl Oyster, Blue Oyster, Golden Oyster, Pink Oyster, Chestnut, Lion's Mane, Maitake, Enoki, Pioppino, Reishi, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail. Shop online for fresh mushrooms, grow kits & more!


NM Fungi

Jack’s Plastic Welding

Since its inception in 1982 by Jack Kloepfer, alongside Errol Baade, Jack’s Plastic Welding has grown from a visionary project in Aztec, New Mexico, into a beacon of innovation for both the outdoor enthusiast and the industrial world. Their journey is one of transformation, fueled by a passion for creating adaptable, top-tier products and a deep-seated commitment to enriching our community. Their lineup, including the iconic Paco Pad, redefines outdoor comfort. This waterproof, self-inflating sleeping pad, alongside our highly durable dry bags and wide range of inflatable rafts and catarafts, is tailored to the adventurous spirit. Customizable in size, color, and accessories, these products are your reliable companions, whether you're conquering whitewater or seeking the ultimate comfort in your camper under the stars. They embody our dedication to enhancing your outdoor experiences with unparalleled quality. Their expertise in crafting the extraordinary has garnered the attention of prestigious partners like NASA, for whom we've constructed pivotal components for their commercial crew program, and Secore, with whom they embarked on a mission to rejuvenate coral reefs. These collaborations highlight the limitless potential of inflatables and showcase our ability to push the boundaries of innovation. At Jack’s Plastic Welding, every product they create and every project they embark on is a reflection their love for adventure, dedication to progress, and unwavering support for the community that has been our home since the beginning. Join Jack’s Plastic in celebrating the spirit of New Mexico, where innovation thrives, and adventures await.


Jack's Plastic Welding