The Continental Divide Coalition applied to RPP “to develop a comprehensive outdoor recreation based tourism strategy for Cuba. Cuba is one of the four identified 'gateway communities' for the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, "which travels over 3100 miles from Mexico to Canada and passes directly through Cuba acting as an access point to trails, campgrounds, archeological sites, and other places of interest on nearby public lands, including the Santa Fe National Forest and San Pedro Parks Wilderness.”

NMTD will work with the CDT Coalition to develop Cuba into a model outdoor recreation destination that includes a region wide public transportation plan, real time communication strategies, and educational opportunities for both visitors and locals, including business toolkits for guides and tour operators, and environmental sustainability information for thru hikers and other visitors. Through the RPP process, the Steering Committee will also design trail maps, recreation guides, and determine needed signage for the area. 

All industry stakeholders are invited to attend the RPP workshops located in Cuba, NM. You can find the full schedule posted at