Rural Pathway Project

The purpose of the Rural Pathway Project (RPP) is to assist tourism stakeholders within New Mexico in developing profitable tourism-products by providing the necessary tools, resources, and support.

Through strategic programming specific to the needs of New Mexico’s diverse tourism industry, RPP aims to support local stakeholders in developing existing assets into successful tourism-products that fully embody the New Mexico True Brand Promise to deliver adventure steeped in culture.

The Rural Pathway Project for FY18 is currently closed. Please click here to sign up for our industry newsletter, Tourism Talk, for information on the FY19 application process beginning in June.

Rural Pathway Project Goals:

  • Develop authentic experiences that are aligned with the New Mexico True brand-promise to deliver adventure steeped in culture
  • Drive economic impact and create jobs by stimulating local economies through the development of strategic tourism products
  • Engage stakeholders in constructive conversations for how to best capitalize on tourism trends and the New Mexico True brand
  • Spark creativity and ownership for stakeholder successes and opportunities
  • Connect and diversify the Tourism Industry with leaders in other industries

Rural Pathway Project Cycle:

Step 1. APPLY

  • Engage with tourism stakeholders to create a 5-7 person Steering Committee (ensure at least one member of your Steering Committee represents either a tribal government, local municipality, or 501 c3 nonprofit to act as your eligible fiscal agent during the funding process)
  • Collaborate with your committee to finalize a primary tourism product concept
  • Complete and submit the RPP application by the required due date

Step 2. ATTEND

  • Learn best practices for developing your tourism product concept into an attainable action plan through a series of informative workshops.
  • Final workshop schedules and locations will be posted at

Step 3. BUILD

  • Use your final Development Plan to request up to $50,000 for product implementation (remember that an eligible fiscal agent must submit all funding requests)

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