Rural Pathway Project

The purpose of the Rural Pathway Project is to assist tourism stakeholders within New Mexico in developing profitable tourism products by providing the necessary tools, resources, and support. 

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The Rural Pathway Project process begins with an idea. 

Tourism stakeholders who’ve identified a project concept with the ability to diversify local revenue streams and increase the quality of life for their fellow New Mexicans should begin organizing a group of 5-7 relevant stakeholders to create a Steering Committee. 

The Steering Committee can then submit a Project Concept Form to our Tourism Development team to schedule a concept discussion call. This call will help to familiarize our team with the members of the Steering Committee and their project concept, and the Steering Committee with the Rural Pathway Project and potential next steps, including direction for application.

By applying to the Rural Pathway Project, Steering Committee members are committing to 20+ hours of capacity building workshops provided by New Mexico True staff to develop the submitted project concept into a Development Plan. Development Plans will wholly define what the project is, why the project is important to the impacted area’s long-term success, how the project will be implemented and completed within the current fiscal year, and strategies for continued sustainability. Steering Committee members then have the option of submitting their Development Plan for up to $50,000 for project implementation. This reimbursement-based funding opportunity requiring a 1:1 cash match by an eligible fiscal agent. All allocated funding must be expended within the same fiscal year the Agreement is executed. 

The Rural Pathway Project application is an open application process, meaning the Department may move forward on a project concept at any time. Don’t hesitate to submit your Project Concept Form as soon as your Steering Committee has been organized.

Download the Form

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For further information, contact Suzy Lawrence at or 505-795-0343