The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) and Pueblo Harvest Cafe will play a starring role alongside world-famous chef Guy Fieri on the Food Network’s all-new show, Guy’s Family Road Trip, debuting next week. The show will follow Fieri along with his wife and two sons as they drive an RV from their California home to the Florida coast, stopping along the way to cook and eat distinctive regional cuisines.

The Fieris and crew spent a full afternoon at the IPCC this past June experiencing a traditional Native dance, touring the Resilience Garden, and joining Executive Chef David Ruiz in the Pueblo Harvest Cafe’s kitchen to prepare Tewa Tacos. Viewers can join them on the journey by tuning in to Episode 2 of Guy’s Family Road Trip, airing on the Food Network at these times:

  • Friday, Aug. 18: 9pm EST / 7pm MST (first airing)
    Saturday, Aug. 19: 12am EST / 10pm MST
  • Sunday, Aug. 20: 10pm EST / 8pm MST
  • Monday, Aug 21: 1am EST /11pm MST
  • Saturday, Aug. 26: 6pm EST / 4pm MST

Season 1, Episode 2, entitled “Wild West Canyons and Cookouts,” takes the Fieri family from a Flagstaff farmer’s market along Route 66 to Albuquerque, where they spent the afternoon experiencing Pueblo hospitality at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. As the official episode description notes, they came “to explore America’s most traditional food, the so-called Three Sisters crops, corn, beans and squash, grown by the Native Americans of the Southwest.”

Guy and his family were met by Museum Director Monique Fragua (Jemez Pueblo), who welcomed them to the Pueblo people’s homeland and answered their questions about Pueblo history and culture. The foursome then enjoyed a dance by the Acoma Dance Group, posing with them for a souvenir photo afterward.

Next, Cultural Education Specialist Bettina Sandoval (Taos Pueblo) gave the family a tour of the IPCC’s Resilience Garden, where staff and volunteers cultivate indigenous plants using traditional techniques, as well as showcase herbs and berries that are gathered from the wild and modern raised beds with post-contact crops.

Lastly the family joined Executive Chef David Ruiz behind the scenes at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe to talk about the restaurant’s fresh local ingredients, innovative New Native American Cuisine, and classic dishes like the award-winning Tewa Taco. The Tewa Taco recipe is now available on the Food Network’s website for viewers to try at home.

Fans of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the Pueblo Harvest Cafe, as well as Guy Fieri and his popular career as a chef and television host, will have multiple chances to watch “Wild West Canyons and Cookouts,” episode 2 of the all-new show Guy’s Family Road Trip, on the Food Network this month. This episode is scheduled to air Friday August 18 at 7pm MST and 10pm MST, and again on Sunday August 20 at 8pm MST and 11pm MST.