Since late August 2019, Team True has traveled all over the state inventorying tourism assets by hosting focused listening sessions. Workshops were held in Las Cruces, Artesia, Farmington, Angel Fire, Las Vegas and Rio Rancho. It's been a pleasure to hear so many great ideas, suggestions and perspectives on how we can develop a sustainable tourism economy. NMTD is truly grateful for the level of interest expressed by residents and members of the business community.

By the end of this project, the department will have a comprehensive statewide strategic plan for destination development, capacity-building, funding mechanisms and resource allocation.

The Regional Listening Tour is the first phase of the Destination Development Roadmap. Through promotion and outreach, the New Mexico Tourism Department will gather private and public stakeholders in a joint meeting to:

  • Catalog tourism and outdoor recreation assets
  • Identify potential growth barriers
  • Perform a statewide gap analysis of infrastructure and tourism assets

In the months to come, NMTD will release an online version of the listening sessions for those who couldn't attend in-person. Please help us spread the word and encourage your community partners to take the surveys and participate in the online workshops.