Cycle 2 of the Rural Pathway Project has been awarded to the Northeastern Economic Development Organization (NEEDO). The purpose of the Rural Pathway Project is to assist tourism stakeholders within New Mexico in developing profitable tourism products by providing the necessary tools, resources, and support. Through strategic programming specific to the needs of the state’s diverse tourism industry, the Rural Pathway Project aims to develop existing assets into tourism products that fully embody the New Mexico True brand promise to deliver “Adventure steeped in culture.”


The Steering Committee submitted a region wide project concept focused on uniting the historic trail systems throughout the northeast to create an interpretive tourism opportunity for the drive market sector along I25, I40, and 87. The concept prioritizes the application of various strategic tourism products, including unified branding and signage for the region, including the public park system, and other authentically New Mexico True historical assets. 


Through a series of five 4-hour workshops, the accepted Steering Committee will work with Department staff to develop the submitted project concept into a comprehensive, long-term tourism product development plan. The Steering Committee may chose to submit the final plan to the Department for up to $50,000 in implementation funding.


The Cycle 3 application process for the Rural Pathway Project will be November 17 through December 1. Please find more information on the Rural Pathways Project page.