We, at the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD), are requesting proposals for various projects to continue growing tourism in our state. Please help us spread the word by sharing with your networks and encouraging entities you think would be a good fit to submit a proposal. Details are listed below with more information readily available on our industry-facing website. Click here for more information. 

Brand Impact Effectiveness Study

The goal of this study is to determine the effectiveness of New Mexico True advertising in six fly markets, as well as to determine the relative impact of various image attributes on perception of and intent to visit New Mexico. Additionally, this study has the goal of determining consumer targets’ vacation destination consideration set and how those destinations compare to New Mexico on both image attributes and intent to travel. The awarded Contractor will measure the impact of New Mexico True advertising and other creative stimuli on consumer target’s perceptions of New Mexico on a battery of image attributes, and determine relative importance of perceptions/image attributes to positively influence intent to travel to New Mexico

Tourism & Destination Development Roadmap

The goal of this project is to assess the tourism assets in New Mexico and develop a set of strategic plans and initiatives to grow the New Mexico tourism economy of adventure steeped in culture in a sustainable way. This project will be completed in collaboration with a number of state and federal agencies, including the NMTD, as well as with public and private partners. The awarded Contractor will work with NMTD to determine the appropriate state and federal agencies and public and private stakeholders for collaboration on a tourism development roadmap, and identify areas of federal and state agency policy which may hinder asset development.

Return on Investment (ROI) Study

The goal of this study is to determine the incremental trips, incremental spending, and incremental tax revenue that can be attributed to New Mexico True advertising spend, nationally and in six (6) fly markets. A secondary goal is to determine the effects of New Mexico True advertising recall and visitation on New Mexico’s desirability as a place to work, retire, live, start a business, or go to school. The awarded contractor will partner with NMTD to conduct a study to measure the ROI of NMTD’s Fall/Winter 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019 advertising campaign, to be fielded during the summer of 2019 and completed and delivered in FY20.


Please be informed all proposals must be submitted to: 
The New Mexico State Purchasing Division
1100 St. Frances Dr. Room 2016
Santa Fe, NM 87505
No later than March 25, 2019 at 3:00PM
Please contact Ray A. Maestas with any questions regarding any of these Request for Proposals at ray.maestas@state.nm.us