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COVID-19 Small Business Support 

Free videos are available covering topics such as communicating with your customers, adapting to social distancing, resources to keep you “open”, crowdfunding, how to adapt from F2F to online. Connect with their #OpenWeStand community to collaborate w/ other businesses in the same pivoting situation. 

Additional training course examples:

  • Ready to Be an Entrepreneur? 

  • Plan Your Online Presence 

  • Introduction to Domains at GoDaddy 

  • Getting to Know Websites + Marketing 

  • Build Your Own Website 

  • Add an Online Store to Your Website 


  • One month free trial for creating a website 

  • Monthly pricing plans run $10-$25/mo. (Depending on services needed)

Additional training courses. 


Offering the following to help businesses impacted by COVID-19: 

  • Connect with fellow business owners and get support in our COVID-19 community forum

  • Physical and digital gift cards available to all new and existing Shopify plans 

  • Free creation of a local delivery option only visible to local customers, if the business has the capacity 

  • Brick and mortar retailers using Shopify POS will have the ability to offer in-store/curb-side p/u for online orders 

  • Access to weekly virtual programming designed to help your business and local community meetups to connect with other bus. owners and experts online.  

Pricing plans: 

  • Basic – starting a new business = $29/mo 

  • Shopify – everything you need for a growing bus. = #$79/mo 

  • Advanced Shopify – advanced features for scaling your business 

  • Free on-line training courses available including setting up your on-line store, live webinars Compass Webinars, and free virtual educational experiences for potential and existing merchants. 

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Website builder (recommended by New Mexico MainStreet) 

  • Create or transfer a domain 

  • Free online webinars to help you build your site 

  • Easy to use templates available 

  • Access to a community forum to discuss best practices and seek advice from fellow professionals and businesses 


  • 14-day free trial for creating a website 

  • Monthly pricing plans run $18-$40/mo. Depending on services needed and if you pay monthly vs. annually 

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