Travel Tank is a “Shark Tank” style pitching competition for tourism industry partners around New Mexico to share their story ideas with a panel of travel writers from around the US. Last year the competition was open to the six regional marketing boards, but this year everyone is invited to submit their pitch for consideration.


What do I win?

Only six applicants will be chosen to compete in Travel Tank during National Travel and Tourism Week (May 2018). All six will have the opportunity to pitch their uniquely New Mexican, travel-inspiring ideas to a panel of writers for feedback and potential coverage, and all six will be invited to participate in an upcoming Texas media mission (June/July 2018). In addition, one overall winner will receive a free booth during Family Travel Showcase in Gallup next November  ($3000 value).


How do I participate?

Fill out this form to tell us about your pitch idea, including who will be pitching it. All partners are eligible: local community representatives, region boards, private businesses, attractions, non-profit organizations, event organizers or promoters, or stakeholder groups. As long as your story idea is uniquely New Mexican and travel inspiring, we want to hear about it!



The deadline to submit your application is February 2, 2018. Six applicants and two alternates will be announced mid- to late-February, giving you two months to prepare your presentation for Travel Tank. There is no cost to participate, and any costs incurred for your presentation will be at your own expense.


Story vs Pitch

A story is something that can be written about. Good stories are timely/relevant, have an angle of human interest, economic impact or something unknown, and make the reader want to know more. A pitch is the act of presenting a story idea to someone who you want to write about it. Good pitches are concise, refined, and packaged (usually with photos or visual assets, potential interviewees, and a few different story angles).