As an ongoing program for how to partner with the New Mexico Tourism Department’s brand, we offer monthly webinars on a variety of topics to educate partners with archived recordings housed here. Additional resources on this page include recorded speeches, meetings and events with educational and informative value.

For information, schedules and RSVP details, visit the department's page for upcoming events.

How to Create Tangible Tourism in Your Area

How to Apply for the Tourism Development Grant

How to Navigate the New

"A-Ha Moments": Keynote Address at 2017 Governor’s Conference

How to Build Off The Enchanted 8 Webinar

How to Market on a Shoestring

How to Make Foodies Crave Your Destination 

How To Work With the Media 

How to Leverage Multiple Funding Sources
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Travel Tank Region Boards Event | May 10, 2017

Segment 1
(Intro and Southwest Region)

Segment 3
(Northeast Region and Southeast Region)

Segment 2
(Northwest Region and North Central Region)

Segment 4
(Central Region and Closing)