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The Colorful History of Fiber Arts in New Mexico

Thursday, March 29, 2018 11:00 AM

The history of Fiber Arts must begin with the basics: fiber. Fiber has plant, animal or synthetic origins, and whether it is real or synthetic, rigid or flexible, fiber resists abrasion and breakage while soaking up moisture without dissolving.

Why You Should Visit New Mexico If You're a Wine Lover

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 1:00 PM

In 1598, Don Juan de Oñate led Spanish settlers to the Rio Grande’s upper valleys. With colonists came Franciscan monks and with the monks came the need for sacramental wine. Brushing off Spanish laws that forbade exporting grapevines, Franciscan monks smuggled vines to New Mexico in 1629 and planted them just south of the modern-day town of Socorro.

All across New Mexico, winemakers and wine experts regularly get together to celebrate new vintages and toast older favorites at wine festivals. These convivial gatherings bring together wine-lovers to sample the newest releases and purchase special-edition wines, but they are also great opportunities to meet winemakers in person.

From high-flying hot air balloons and scenic hikes to unique restaurants and charming small towns, New Mexico is filled with opportunities for adventure. Our beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage is part of what makes us such an incredible destination for family travel, and if you’re looking for a fun activity to entertain kids and adults alike, New Mexico’s Wildlife West Nature Park is the ideal choice.

Sandoval County is not only one of New Mexico’s most stunning regions—it’s also one of the most culturally diverse and historically rich ones too. Just a few minutes north of Albuquerque and a short drive from Santa Fe (most scenic drive between these two cities is via Highway 550 and Highway 4), Sandoval County is the perfect place to serve as a base for any New Mexico vacation.