With so much to see and do in New Mexico,
it’s hard to decide where to begin your trip.

Come along with our host, Michael Newman, as he explores the state’s most memorable destinations (and meets a few interesting characters along the way). New Mexico True Television airs Sunday mornings in select New Mexico and Texas markets, but you can also check out the full episodes here. 

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    Episode 18: Any Given Saturday

    In each episode host Michael Newman ends the show with a simple question: "So what are you doing this weekend?" This episode aims to give you some easy answers by gathering both new and old options for ways to explore New Mexico. So, what ARE you doing next weekend? #NewMexicoTrue

    Rasa Kitchen & Juice

    At Rasa you can enjoy an artfully created and artistically presented gourmet meal, and might be completely unaware that it is vegetarian or vegan. This addition to the Santa Fe food scene caught both the attention and the appetites of the NM True TV Crew.


    Bandelier-True Treasure

    Both accessible to just about anyone and amazing to all, Bandelier offers a hands-on glimpse at life as it was in this canyon a thousand years ago. The cliffside caves and the valley bottom structures create an experience unique to this place.

    Episode 16: Through the Gila and Into the Mesilla

    Southern New Mexico has gems for travelers that are both of the hidden and the highlighted sort. And you can be as active and adventurous as you choose, climbing or riding...or relaxing and watching as natural wonders surround you. This is a collection of some of the favorites the True TV Crew  found as they explored southeastern and south central New Mexico.

    Fort Craig Historic Site

    These days it isn’t much more than the remnants of stone walls with historic markers, but in its heyday from 1853 through the Civil War it was among the linchpins along the Rio Grande and El Camino Real. 

    Sparky’s Burgers

    Many regulars will argue there is no better green chile cheeseburger than the offering at Sparky’s. It is difficult to argue anywhere serves up burgers in a more unusual setting. The collection of iconic statues and promotional devices harken to big cities and franchise operations. Which is everything Sparky’s is not.

    Episode 13: Touring the State’s Capital

    Few places in the country can claim the collection of history, culture, cuisine and art that help make Santa Fe so special. The New Mexico True TV Crew share that and much more, including the scenery, flora and fauna, of the state capital that easily earns its nickname, "The City Different."

    Liquid Light Glass Art Class

    Santa Fe's renowned art scene isn't just about wandering the countless galleries and enjoying the work of the artists. There are also ample opportunities to participate and learn. In this case Michael makes some molten glass with artist Elodie Holmes. And yes, you too can take part.

    El Rancho de las Golondrinas

    Making a few turns outside of Santa Fe can mean turning back time. The NM True TV Crew takes a little time travel with a visit to Las Golondrinas, a living, working museum sharing what frontier life was like three centuries ago. It is a glimpse backward at a lifestyle very different today's high-tech, high-speed ways. The fact that it is in a beautiful setting is just a tremendous bonus.

    Randall Davey Audubon Center

    It will stretch your mind a bit to realize that while you are within this gorgeous sanctuary surrounded by birds, wildlife and lush gardens you are still within the city limits of New Mexico's busy state capital. And, as the NM True TV Crew discovers, the anticipated communing with nature inherent in something called an Audubon Center is only half of the experience here. It sits on what was the estate of artist Randall Davey, and the home and studio the artist used for almost half a century are open for touring. They are virtually unchanged since Davey's passing more than half a century ago, and offer insight into both the artist and the lifestyle of the times.  

    Santa Fe Tasting Tour

    Santa Fe is famous for its art and its history. But the state's capital is also home to some remarkable dining. The NM True TV Crew experienced a bellyful of that cuisine culture by hooking up with a Tasting Tour of the City Different. It is a unique way to sample and learn about the fine foods, complete with a guide to lead the way.

    Episode 12: Health & Wellness

    New Mexico is brimming with the energy and adventures of non-traditional, unusual, spiritual, mystic, and holistic approaches to health and wellness. The True TV Crew set out to sample some of the activities a visitor can explore across the state. This ranges from using horses for a personal encounter and understanding session, to massages, to health-based cooking classes, and of course some hot spring soakings.

    Earth Living Skills School

    With some guidance and a willingness to toss aside their Rat Race thinking, participants in this unique program get a chance to reconnect with nature. Michael and the True TV Crew get back in touch with our primitive basic selves, back in tune with nature. Oh, and get themselves smeared in mud and ash in the process.

    Annapurna Cooking Class

    Annapurna restaurant has its philosophy and cooking methods tied closely to ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient system of Indian medicine, emphasizing the role of diet in our physical and psychic make up. And, as the NM True TV Crew shows us, the restaurant doesn’t just serve food, it teaches you how you can make it, and understand it. 


    This unique Santa Fe program uses interaction with horses to help participants with self-mastery, discovery and leadership development. Michael and the True TV Crew get to experience a magical encounter, a unique bond between human and horse.

    Ojo Caliente

    New Mexico has many hot springs. But few locations can challenge the experience at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. The varied pools and springs can match your preferences in temperature and mineral content, and the pampering extends well beyond the healing waters and the magical mud. The NM True TV Crew get a sampling of everything Ojo offers. It is such a difficult job they must have, huh?

    Episode 11: Urban Meets Pastoral

    Albuquerque is the state’s largest city, and has many of the expected “big city” attributes. But what it has most is character, and that is reflected well in the mix of urban amenities with rural relaxation. Filled with fans of buying local, the shopping and the restaurant scenes abound with homegrown warmth. And with the Rio Grande and urban forest (or bosque) running through its center Albuquerque is a city like no other.

    Nob Hill Shopping

    If you are a fan of the mega-mall and the national chains you will be set a bit off balance by the shopping in Albuquerque's Nob Hill neighborhood. But being a bit off balance suits Nob Hill just fine. It focuses on small shops, local ownership, and unique finds. That includes clothing, art, furniture, and any number of unique offerings. And always with the warm personal service that helps form the Nob Hill mystique.

    Albuquerque Aquarium-Treasure

    Certainly the wettest of the many attractions in Albuquerqe's BioPark, the Aquarium might seem out of place in the high altitude surroundings. But New Mexico was once an ocean and, beside that, who doesn't love to stare into a (world class) fishbowl?

    Casa Rondeña Wine Tasting

    Fine wines in a fine setting. That is what a visit to Casa Rondena winery offers. You can taste and learn about the wines, and enjoy the surroundings with a glass of your favorite. This is an adventure for all of your senses.

    Albuquerque Art Galleries

    No, this isn't standing in a room staring at a painting. Downtown Albuquerque has developed an art scene with a difference. It is sights, and sounds, and sharing. And the local art community makes certain nothing gets too mainstream or sedate. A gallery evening here isn't a visit, it's an experience.

    Episode 10: Flavors of Albuquerque

    Travel treats for your tastebuds. That could sum up the opportunities offered by the wide variety of dining options in Albuquerque. And this isn't just about the great local restaurants (though those abound.) The True TV Crew ventures to farms, bakeries, and those mobile feasts known as food trucks. All to take a bite out of the Flavors of Albuquerque. #NewMexicoTrue (and tasty).

    Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

    It's easy to call it "farm to table" when the table actually is part of the farm furniture. Los Poblanos is a unique opportunity, and not just for dining but for the entire experience. This rural getaway in Albuquerque's North Valley melds history, culture, beauty and agriculture into an adventure for visitors. Michael and the True TV Crew give us a tour and a taste of this treasure. It is #NewMexicoTrue

    Golden Crown Panaderia

    Every culture seems to have distinct breads tied to its history. And the family bakers at Golden Crown Panaderia in Albuquerque lovingly knead the traditions and cultures of New Mexico into the output of their ovens every day. A visit is a comforting step back in time, not to mention a treat for the tummy. This bakery and these breads are #NewMexicoTrue.

    Albuquerque Food Trucks

    The food truck is no longer the construction site visitor serving up pre-made sandwiches and a bag of chips. Albuquerque has leaped mouth-first into the trend turning trucks into traveling dining adventures. The True TV Crew catches up with several of the city's best diesel diners, and shares a few meals with the people who are helping heat up this food truck craze.

    Sandia Tram-True Treasure

    There are many ways to get to the top of a mountain. But for ease, scenic views, and yes even a bit of an adrenaline thrill, you can't beat the Sandia Peak Tramway. Heather Briganti serves as host on this one-minute glimpse of a 20-minute ride to the mountaintop.

    Episode 9: In & Around Carlsbad

    This southeastern New Mexico city has far more to offer than just those famous caverns. The food, the fun (at the beach, no less!), and the close encounters with desert wildlife are all among the great experiences the NM True TV Crew discovered. Oh, and they also had a great cavern adventure.

    Carlsbad Restaurants

    A trip to Carlsbad led the NM True TV Crew to conclude it is a city with remarkably good taste. Taking on the tough task of visiting several of the city's restaurants was something Michael and the gang was all too eager to do. Their Carlsbad cuisine adventures left them surprised, stuffed and smiling.

    White Sands-True Treasure

    It was once beneath an ocean, now all that is left is the beach. But oh what a beautiful white gypsum sand beach it is. The pure white dunes of White Sands National Monument are what Sheena Neese thinks when she thinks treasure. So take this one-minute stroll with her. You will certainly conclude you'd like to wiggle your toes in this sand yourself soon.

    Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park

    An artistic bear is but one of the surprises at Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park in Carlsbad. All of the wildlife is native to the region, and a hike through the park takes you to the wide variety of desert terrain and plant life.

    Pecos River Kayaking

    In this case Carlsbad can brag about waves, not caves. The Pecos River becomes a lake in central Carlsbad, and offers green parks, great beaches, and boating. Take a tour of the river, or climb aboard a kayak like Michael does here. Let the water fun begin.

    Episode 8: Go West!

    In this episode the NM True TV Crew gives us a wide-ranging look at what this region of New Mexico offers the traveler. From the amazing hikes, to the relaxing wineries, to the face-to-face encounter with wolves, it is all part of the adventure you can share as you "Go West."

    Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

    This unusual sanctuary offers canines more than a safe place to live, it also puts them in the role of educators for visitors. The experience is among the most memorable for the NM True TV Crew from their travels all around the state.

    Crow Canyon

    Crow Canyon offers the NM True TV Crew an opportunity for a hike through a striking landscape. It doesn't hurt that it is also home to the nation's largest and most impressive collection of rock art dating back centuries.

    Wines of the San Juan

    What goes well with wine? How about a beautiful setting after a long day of travel adventures? The NM True TV Crew gets a taste of northwest New Mexico, while kicking back to really enjoy the moment.

    Pie Town-True Treasure

    The name says it all: Pie Town. This very small New Mexico town makes a very big impression with baked goods. Eric Thompson serves as a tour guide on this one-minute visit. To get more than this brief taste you will just have to visit yourself.

    Episode 7: Weekend in the Jemez

    You can find adventure, beauty and cultural experiences by heading just about any direction in New Mexico. But the real secret is to pack as much of that fun as possible into whatever travel time you have available. So a location such as the Jemez Mountains is ideal, since the area offers a distinctly different adventure around nearly every bend. The NM True TV Crew makes a noble effort to share it all here, but you will no doubt find your own adventures as well. The Jemez Mountains are #NewMexicoTrue

    The Springs-Jemez

    There’s a pretty good hint in the name Jemez Springs that the area is replete with hot water boiling up from beneath the earth. Turns out this gorgeous mountain range sits atop what was once a supervolcano. Michael and the True TV crew draw the tough assignment to test the wide variety of hot springs available and, in a very relaxed state, share their soothing adventures with us.

    Los Ojos Saloon

    In many ways it is just the neighborhood bar. But in this case the neighborhood is breathtaking, and the bar is unique in décor, food, and patrons. Michael and the True TV Crew give us a glimpse of why Los Ojos is unlike any other bar.

    Valles Caldera Biking and Fishing

    If you love the outdoors you must love the Valles Caldera National Preserve. It is an endless wonder to see, but just as endless in outdoor activity options. This time out the True TV Crew tackles fly fishing and takes a spin at cycling the mountain trails. The only disappointment is the inability to see it all and do it all in a single visit. Fortunately you will be thrilled to make plans to come back. #NewMexicoTrue

    Jemez Hiking and Canoeing

    By foot or by float, the Jemez Mountains offer adventure opportunities that are clamoring for your visit. Or that could just be the rush of water over the abundant waterfalls. Whether you are seeking rigorous or relaxing, the Jemez offers pleasing paddling and pedestrian possibilities for everyone. #NewMexicoTrue

    Episode 6: Unique Lodging

    The New Mexico True TV Crew has some favorites (we should say MANY favorites) from traveling the state. In this episode they’ve gathered just a few of those classic segments, in this case all from the northern half of the state. 

    Episode 5: Remote Northern Locales

    The New Mexico True TV Crew has some favorites (we should say MANY favorites) from traveling the state. In this episode they’ve gathered just a few of those classic segments, in this case all from the northern half of the state. 

    Episode 4: Manhattan, NM

    It isn't a place called Manhattan, but a project. Beauty, history and technology all blend in Los Alamos. And in the past 100 years the work based in this mountain town has, quite literally, changed the world. Much of what the world knows about Los Alamos is tied to a single moment and an explosion in the desert. But the city and the state have much larger tales to tell, both about scientific research and about people. #NewMexicoTrue

    Episode 3: NM Native American

    New Mexico is rich in culture and history, and the Native American impact on those two elements helps provide a visitor with unique opportunities and experiences. In this episode Michael and the True TV Crew share the adventures they discovered on their travels to Native American gatherings, auctions, ancient ruins, and even kitchens. #NewMexicoTrue

    Episode 2: Wild Rugged West

    Placed as it is in the center of New Mexico perhaps it is only natural that Socorro and its surroundings are the center of activity for an adventurous traveler. From rock climbing to art producing to Wild West horseback rides, the New Mexico True TV crew experiences it all. The Socorro area is, without question, New Mexico True. #NewMexicoTrue

    Episode 1: Winter Adventures

    Winter in New Mexico is simply a chance to shift to an entirely new set of outdoor adventures. In this episode the NM True TV Crew hits the slopes and the skates, the aerial adventures and the apres ski. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.