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From the north, right down to the south.

From North to South there is an abundant amount of ways you can relax and be revitalized.

Whether you’re looking for a long secluded retreat or a quick rejuvenating experience, it’s bound to be here in this culturally rich state. From North to South there is an abundant amount of ways you can relax and be revitalized.



Locally Inspired Spas & TreatmentsEl Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa: Sagrado High Desert
A blend of wild-crafted, indigenous plants, flowers and aromatic skin nourishing oils inspired by the high desert create a lasting impression that can be revisited using the Living Spa signature products. The body is exfoliated with a fossilized desert salt mixture, and then wrapped in an ancient sea-clay mask that is mineral rich and serves to draw toxins out of the body. Completing the treatment is a gentle massage and application of cedar-wood and sage, butter cream.

Santa Fe

Bishop’s Lodge SháNah Spa: Tesuque Clay Wrap
Among the Native American architecture and food influences, the Tesuque Clay Wrap is also inspired by New Mexican ancestors. This treatment begins with light exfoliation before the application of a mineral-rich clay mask, leaving your skin nourished and detoxified.

Hotel Santa Fe: Moccasin Dance
Soothing the world-weary traveler, this reflexology foot massage will reset your internal pedometer and put the spring back in your step. A rich cream will be massaged into your feet, gently working on the pressure points that activate your whole-body healing energies. Delightfully restored, you’ll feel like dancing to the beat of your own drum.

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa: Spirit of Santa Fe
This enchanting ritual uses native ingredients and surrounds you in the scents and gentle effects of healing plants and herbs. Borrowing from Native American healing traditions, ground blue corn is used to exfoliate your skin. This allows the skin to readily absorb the therapeutic oils used in a gentle full body massage, finished with a moist heat towel wrap.



Tamaya Mist Spa and Salon: Ancient Drumming
This Hyatt Tamaya Resort, tucked away into a secluded cottonwood bosque, has a Native-owned spa, rich with cultural traditions. One of the most popular treatments is the Ancient Drumming treatment. It includes a detoxifying mask, made with mud taken from the nearby Jemez Mountains and mixed with local red chilies, which is applied to your skin. After the mud is applied, a therapist will gently drum tension from your muscles using small muslin bags of flaxseed dipped in pinyon-scented oil.

Green Reed Spa at Sandia Resort and Casino: Green Reed Polish
Just outside of Albuquerque, this spa uses many traditions that were created by Native American healers. The Green Reed Polish combines Amaranth, known as the wonder grain, rich in lysine, squalene, iron and more than 12 different vitamins and minerals, with Wild Rose, Wild Mint and  wild-crafted Rosehips to gently remove impurities and surface  dead skin cells while softening, cleansing & detoxifying the skin. The treatment concludes with an application of Wild Rose & Mint oil to nourish and restore the skin from fatigue and stress.

Betty’s Bath and Day Spa: Blue Corn Body Mask
Using traditional New Mexican ingredients, this relaxed spa offers a full menu of spa treatments. The Blue Corn Body Mask features locally made blue corn and white clay body mask & warm herbal towels, leaving skin soft and renewed. Enjoy a soothing scalp massage alongside the aromatic effects of sage oil.


Las Cruces

The Spa Downtown: Hot Stone Massage
Water heated stones are placed on specific places on the body to promote relaxation, and to open the meridians. Smooth heated stones comfort tire muscles and will melt away body tension and mental stress.

Truth or Consequences

The Lodge Resort and Spa: Rebecca’s Signature Facial 
A complete facial service using Madlyn Rose Ultimate Skin Nutrition products. Includes a professional analysis with cleanser, a scrub mask, exfoliation, extractions, and a rejuvenating scalp and neck massage. Complete with eye crème, lip crème, and a facial moisturizer that is sure to satisfy.