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Safe practices, requirements, and status of tourism businesses in New Mexico.  

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Wide expanses of New Mexico offer some of the best bicycling opportunities in the world, whether your preference is street or trail.

While there are thousands of accessible locations to ride in the Land of Enchantment, space limitations have forced us to offer only a handful of possibilities.
Local bicycle shops and chambers of commerce offer a wealth of further information about where to pedal for pleasure. Also, since most of New Mexico is still rural, roads might not be marked or could be on private land.


Whether you choose to ride a bicycle on the road or trail, think safety first. Always pack rain gear; always ride single file on roadways and beware of fast traffic from in front and behind; know that dehydration is common; and carry a first aid kit, food and repair kit, especially when biking off road. Use common sense, practice safety and follow laws and regulations. Consult local bike shops, officials and riders. Ride in groups. Plan, prepare use your head and count only on yourself.

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