Meow Wolf

George RR Martin, Game of Thrones author and champion of the Santa Fe art scene, did something truly special and one-of-a-kind for the community that he loves when he purchased a vacant bowling alley. His vision for an immersive experience that’d bring art to life for people of all ages came into being with the help of more than 100 creators.

About the House of Eternal Return

The centerpiece of the Meow Wolf Art Complex is The House of Eternal Return, a permanent installation that has been delighting visitors since the day it opened. Part mystery narrative, part fun house, part jungle gym, and wholly how-did-they-think-of-this cool, it’s a melding of technology, sculpture, sound, and atmosphere. At 20,000 square feet, it’s big enough to get lost in over and over — and to experience something new each time. A maze of colorful rooms and dark passageways lined with towering alien monsters bring out the inner child, and locals and visitors alike are quick to name it their favorite Santa Fe attraction.

Meow Wolf; The House

Guests at The House of Eternal Return are encouraged to explore at their own pace, find their own path through the maze, and take plenty of pictures. Ideal for people of all ages, kids can simply enjoy the bright colors and interactive displays while their parents experience intriguing maximalist art with narrative depth.

Meow Wolf; The Premise

There’s a story behind The House of Eternal Return, and guests are invited to partake in solving the mystery of the fictional family who left the house… and why. The story goes that the Selig family left their home after conducting a strange experiment, and throughout the installation, there are clues as to their whereabouts, what the experiment was, and why they left. Chase the Selig family’s journey from their home and into the multiverse — mystery-seekers can pick up clues from each thing in every room: the books on the shelves, the papers on the desks, the notes on the fridge, and more: It’s all touchable and interactive.

Meow Wolf; Documentary

The Meow Wolf Art Complex encourages active participation, and in addition to the permanent installation, classes taught by some of the resident artists are offered to people of all ages. Meow Wolf also hosts musical acts in its trippy venue within the House of Eternal Return, and adults can treat themselves to cocktails that are as unique as Meow Wolf itself at the Float café and bar in the lobby.



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